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Epic occasion calander

If bary was in the wild then people wouldn’t be stuck on 1 achievement mission

6 boa, 6 rex And 6 raja

You can get the achievement with only one bary. Click on it and start darting it. Just make sure you dont hit it and collect dna. Let the timer run out and it counts.

won’t that count as an attempt?

No it doesn’t

OH really? That’s cool. I didn’t even know that this strange achievement was a thing. Or maybe I did it already? Anyway, I’m happy to have this first ever Epic Occasion!

I’m going for Megistotherium, Scutosaurus [and maybe Maia], Antarctopelta, and Eucladoceros.

This week isn’t that bad , but there are epics that are FAR more needed than this

Diplo, Grypo, Rhino, Anky, Kentro, Pyro, Erliko…c’mon Ludia, step ur game up. The only good ones I see are Boa, Rex and Raj…rest are not really useful.

Bary is useful because it has a used hybrid in raids and it has an achievement mission

agreed, but there’s many more of greater importance…bary’s usually not tht well needed due to its presence in the alliance incubators

Yes it is useless but also usefull but in a ok way. Overall we can say bary either needs a purpose or none

much agreed, can’t remember the last time kentro was available…its become the unicorn of this game

I can never find kentro except 3 times in 2 months

I have to hoard it from the sancs…although I will say getting bary DNA for raids is indirectly plummeting this game to its downfall.

Just imagine people raiding the arena with a fully boosted apex team, that would be absolute torture

I accualy happen to have a park within my 200m
so i get all the park spawns as well