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Epic Occasion Incubators

I’m a little confused about this week’s Epic Occasion incubators. How are the incubators going to work for the rares and commons? I’m pretty sure they aren’t just gonna put all epics in each incubator, so what are the rares and commons inside the incubators going to be based off?

I can see them just including the epic dna but in small portions, maybe they’ll include the gen 2 dna of some of the epics that have gen 2’s but not sure about that happening

Might as well just wait and find out in-game later today.

well, there are not just epics in the incubators, just what appear to me to be random commons and rares
nasuto diplocaulus dimetrodon posto entelodon and moschops
dilo gen 2 eremotherium raptor and phosphuracos
lots of these are probably spelle wrong I am aware