Epic packs?

In the store is says you get 22 cards for an Epic pack. Does anyone know how many of those are guaranteed epic cards? Are the all of one type (piece of equipment) or a mix?

Puchased today

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Did it double those? You only got 11.

Also, do you feel that’s good value for 400 gems? That’s 8000 gold :-/

That was from the $10.99 you 1x common pack, 1x rare and 1x epic pack.
I don’t have gems to buy the 2 for 1 pack.

Even though I paid for it with real money I still feel let down with the amount of cards given.

Ok thanks. Doesn’t feel like a great deal, at least I know now it’s epic cards only.

Lmao if you wanted the 2 epic packs for the price of one, why didn’t you just spend 5 bucks on 450 gems and get one? Kinda durp the way you went

At the time I assumed I would get a better deal