Epic purra tower

Don’t anger Thor :joy: felt so dirty. I love my purrutarus.


I thought i’d give it a shot with my level 20 (tier 3) team and won, only taking 1 casualty…

You have details tips? Order of battle, etc?

Crocodile out first. Ferocious impact. Then purrutarus. Then Carno. Couldn’t tell you their moves as they died in one hit :joy::man_shrugging:t2:

Well I’m sure they won’t die in one hit if I try. Thanks for the potential order.

My suggestion is to use bleeders, Purutaurus and Carnotaurus both have Greater Rending counterattacks and they hurt. Unless you have something that can take them out with one hit or distract them.

Used utahsino - smilodon & allosino

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I used boosted L30 Suchotator, then when she died boosted L30 Thor finished off the last two dinos. Incubator was great and this was the best part!

29 boosted Thor survived with 124 hp left. Sort of takes the fun out of it, but could have used others too so all good :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are videos on the pinned thread of the epic strike :wink:

we can try to work something out for you if you post your dinos. Be careful cause purutaurus and carno can come in different order.