Epic/Rare incubator+ Coin(inc. in general)


I waited so much time to get my 3rd rare incubator and all I got was useless rares and commons…iguanodon, dimetrodon gen2, T. rex gen 2 :confused:…I know I can’t do anything about it but I’m just sad, since the only good thing was the 3k gold…but even then with 3k I can’t do anything…I wish it would be more like 10k and 15-20k for 24h inc., I still need to get my second 24h and I hope I don’t get sad like the first one since I didn’t actually unlock any new epic, sinceratops 146/150 was really sad to see lol, really hope the coin earnings get changed a lot…since even fusing my eniasuchus is becoming a pain to do…even the normal incubators and supply drops gives pratically no coin…btw I’m lvl 8 and any lvl 10 plus Dino is a pain to lvl up

Have fun guys(I guess…)


I’m hoping for more coin too lol it’s a pain to evolve anything :sob:


I hate it too I fought my butt off everyday in the arena for a epic incubator and I was expecting to get some good dinos but instead they give me some really bad commons and rares and for my epics they give me trash ones😣…all I wanted was some v-raptor and epic spino dna