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Epic Rework Poll!

I want to know which out of these Epics you want to be reworked. The one with the most votes wins!

  • Spinotahraptor
  • Stegoceratops
  • Sinoceratops
  • Pteranodon
  • Carbonemys
  • Ovilophosaurus
  • Scaphotator
  • Megistotherium
  • Majundaboa
  • Andrewtodon

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Definitely Spinotahraptor. It is nothing like an Utahraptor; it has only inherited a short snout and feathers from it.


Sino loses instant charge - thor loses instant charge, sounds like a win to me


It was kinda hard to choose. I do agree that spinotaraptor is in desperate need of a buff like most people but almost all the epics in the poll need some rework. Also the hast eagle gen 2 and galimimus hybrid should have been there to.

Does anyone remember how bad Scaphotator is?


Hey I dont want rinex without that :pensive:


I doubt many people have used/gone against one due to it being so bad. Spinotahraptor while not that good did help me a ton with climbing the arena.

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It was great when it was first introduced, but now it’s just outright awful. I wish Ludia would give these epics a chance and a deserved buff.

JW evolution has the perfect model for it… except with V-raptor instead of Utah


ah yes, what imo is the perfect spinoraptor in the entire franchises history

I agree even though I’ve never played JW Evolution. The model still looks cool.

Only 12 hours left! Cast your vote so that it counts.