EPIC scent capsules acting like commons - don’t buy!


Do not buy scent capsules!!!

I have bought 10 epics and rare ones since their launch and they are so buggy it’s unreal. I have emailed the support team and my compensation…

ONE rare scent capsule as a consolation apology for numerous glitches on both rare AND EPIC capsules :exploding_head::cry:

I need sinoceratops DNA and know she sporns this time of evening in my location. Like I say I have bought Epic scents before and she loves it…

So today, 10 DNA off an Allosinosaurus upgrade I decided to spend £9.99 on the cash for an Epic incubator with high hopes of getting Sino…

20 minutes not ONE epic!!!

It acted like the special 20 minute common scent capsule we got from the strike event the other day…

In 20 minutes I got about 4 commons (rrrrah get ye gone Lythronax!) and 2 rares (which I often get from common scents TBF)

Of course I will email the support team re this but meanwhile wanted to warn not to risk buying scent capsules unless you can be bothered to have to constantly email support and get “whoopie!..” one rare scent capsule in response :expressionless:

Like SO much in this game - don’t waste your money.

It’s so awful… I would love to quit this game with all its terrible glitches, terrible support and terrible forum admin… but I enjoy it so much they have me (like us all) over a barrel :sleepy:

Be warned! (Again…)

Epic scent spawned zero epics
Scent capsule doesn't work


No connection issues obviously…

Clearly just some crossover glitch between a common scent capsule and an epic…

NO. I WOULD NOT! :expressionless:


Oh this is really bad :cry:


Thanks hon x This is supposed to be what I do to relax and chill out from life after work & kids… but swear I get stressed by this game more than the rest of “real-life” responsibilities combined :cry::joy: (literally laugh or cry’)

Oh well… darted a T-Rex on commute home today to start Indoraptor fusing (woot - 39 on it now :joy:… yes that same “9” plague!) so… you know… ‘tis not all bad… :roll_eyes: in spite of everything enough to keep me addicted for a wee while :sweat_smile:


I have also been having similar issues with epic scent capsules lately, for me the problems started on Sunday and persisted

I would be lucky if I do get one epic spawn, this happens regardless of zones and times; not too happy seeing that I bought over 10 in one go, think that was my mistake :sob: :scream:


Same :frowning:

And when i did get epics, well, lets just say im ready for this hybrid…


I sure hope they create an OP unique for Concavenator, maybe add a dash of Gryposuchu and Koolasuchus into the mix too. :tired_face:

@wrothgar I would still take Concavenator over this abomination any day :joy:


Haha true!!!


I wonder if they nerfed the epic scent capsules :thinking: Even though it’s always been hard for me to get the epic I need, I used to get more than one far more often :joy_cat:


i got 2 epics from the only one i’ve ever done. i’ve also gotten epics from commons.
you’re only guaranteed 1, so to expect more is unrealistic. but that is messed up if you get 0.


Yeah ive wondered the same. I got 5 from one of my earlier ones, and averaged 3 at first.

Now im lucky to get 2, and more than half the time its a stinkin brachio actually.


I also found that it had made no difference for me if I move while using the epic scent capsules. Yes I do get two spawns instead of one but never two EPIC spawns :rofl:


I am desperately looking for a job in biology for years now, but nothing gets me as stressed as indominus dodging four in a row.

Also, i never buy scent capsules but i got epic koalasuchus from a common scent i got. -.-


I’ll have to say common capsule is way better than epics. Epic is 1000 bucks, so you can buy 100 common ones, which gives you a minimum of 300 dino spawns even if you don’t move at all. The 300 dinos usually will give you 1-2 epics, plus you get so many other dinos, especially at night for velociraptors.


That’s actually not a bad idea @guarou.


I should try that out, preferably sooner rather later lest they decide to nerf :rofl:


Did u walk around? I don’t think your supposed to stay in one place.


Yes, walked around. I do get two spawns when I move around but never two epics. Number of epics I got had been consistently at most 2 if lucky and 1 most of the time, I’m really hating Koolasuchus now lol


This was most likely a stealth nerf… when one scent nets you more epic dna then an incubator… who is gonna buy incubators scents cost a fraction of the price… the one epic scent i got gave me two sinos two kentro and one rex… thats great for me but it was probably to much in their eyes…but if all scents are now is a 10 dollar concavenator spawn for me ill pass on that as well