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Epic scent for Erliko


I know you will get epic dinos specific to the local zone you’re in, but what about time of day? I live in L3 and really need Erliko (just 10 DNA needed to level Erlidominus). It’s nighttime now, and I can get epic monolopho at any time… but what about Erliko? Do I have to use the scent in the daytime?

I know I should be patient and just wait until tomorrow, but I’m wondering if anyone has gotten Erliko from epic scents at night.

Thanks for any info :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait until tomorrow. lol

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Thanks, I was afraid of that… maybe hoping that epic scents might be different?

I probably should be even more patient until I get a free one from a tower!



Well, I just used an epic scent at 1 p.m., and it’s a good thing that the first spawn was Erliko - I got enough DNA to level Erlidominus to 22 :grinning:

However, this was the only epic spawn I got, and except for one amargacephalus they were all commons (triceratops, green diplocaulus). For that reason I cannot recommend buying epic scents (I seem to have better results with the free ones I sometimes get from scent strikes)!


I have used free epic scents obtained from the strike tower. From my experience, I only get 1 epic once so you was just bad luck. Most of the time I get 2-3 epics. I also saw someone in my community pull off 5 epics (and he was still disappointed, of cause :roll_eyes:).

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I usually get 1 everytime I pop an epic scent in its zone. So if you need the dna just go for it.

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Today I used an epic scent in Local3 and guess what 3 erliko and one Rex spawned :slight_smile:


Great!!! Envy u @Pirate

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Finally, we can see the exciting event for next week!!!
I will do all my trials to Tryko and for epic, erli.

Good luck


First time seeing erliko in the wild