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Epic scent hunting advice

I popped open 2 epic scents to dart compys but no luck. The saving grace is that i found a wild one. I haven’t used scents in a very long time due to how difficult it is to get something specific. Wanted to know if you guys had some advice to maximize my chance to get that elusive compy out of an spic scent?

One way to somewhat specify what you get with scents is knowing what zone your in
There are 4 zones, each spawning some different creatures than the last at different times or all the time. Knowing which one your in would help in finding a specific creature. If you’re searching for epic compy, it hangs around zone 1, gen 2 is in zone 4. Zones swap out every month in order, and they just loop.

Gamepress made a page to talk about all this spawning stuff so I am sure you can find more specific details there that can be much more helpful.

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I popped an epic in an attempt to get comps and was reminded of just how worthless these scents can be if all you really want is one specific epic and couldn’t give two shites about anything else. Got one smilodon and two concavenator… didn’t even bother shooting.
Apart from knowing the zone you are scenting in and it’s boundaries, the only other possible advantage I could see would be to scent at specific times in the day/night when the potential pool of epic dinos is smaller increasing the chance that the one you are after will pop.

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Oh yeah i just got done. 9 epic scents total, i only got 3 compys which all were from the first spawn and i got lucky that i found two wild ones. After my third scent i started popping new scents after ten minutes since last ten minutes rarely popped an epic. When I finally got the last compy on my 9th scent that i needed, i shut down my the app cuz of how annoyed i was.

Of course you need to be walking so you get two spawns at a time. I road my trike to the zone the compy’s were in and got one on the last scent spawn and then right after darting the compy a P-lux spawned.

I was moving sadly or in my case moving in a car.