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Epic scent strikes after giga scents end

As giga scents will end on Monday, I think it would be a nice idea if we could have featured epic scents as well as rare scents. That way, people can get epic dna without breaking the game. I figured this would be a good idea as many countries are still on lockdown

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The giga scents were renewed until June 30th.

Where do you guys get your info?

You can always get info from the Gamepress Discord! Just find the gamepress website and there should be a link to the discord at the bottom of a article!

Didnt Ludia extend Covid protocols till End June?

Im old…lol…havent got discord…

i hardly even run the giga scents anymore. everything in my zone is maxed and it’s a waste of time running them all day hoping only for scutasaurus.

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Yes they djd