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Epic scent tower


Got this from a scent tower I knew they were possible but still a nice surprise and as soon as it stops raining I’ll be heading out to use it and as this is glasgow that should be around April…


The second part of your comment killed me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I need more t-rex dna should I wait and use this during the day ?


I got a total of 5 epics during the duration of the capsule, while walking. 1 Ouranosaurus, 1 Pyroraptor and 3 T-rexes :slight_smile: happy times, my Rex can get to level 20 now.

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Was this during the day although not sure why I’m bothering asking as it’s pouring down here and I can’t get out to use it :sleepy::sleepy:


Mine from yesterday…:blush:


Yup, during the day


Ugh I got one and just used it in my house cause that rain is brutal.


Winter’s coming! :sob:


I’m contemplating doing the same if it doesn’t improve . You get anything good and it’s looking like loads of people got epic scents