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Epic scent useless


So I just went and spent $10 and got nothing useful in zone 2… :neutral_face:

No way to get my money back? All I got was a seco and didn’t dart anything


Yeah just ask for money back.


I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not…

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You got what they promised. An Epic.


Yes zone 2 is pretty useless. Next time use it in zone 3. Sorry to tell you but you won’t get your money back.


Eh it’s alright. And I was trying to find ourano, that’s why I was in l2

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That is true


3 epic scents yesterday for ourano. 1st one ourano and one secondonto. 2nd one secondonto, 3rd 2 ouranos, 2 secondontos and 1 spino gen 2. Green chicken is a happy 26, but holy hit or miss on scents.


Well I have 1 more scent that I’m gonna use later, pray for me


I can’t tell you how many scents I have used in L2 looking for Ourano. I got really really lucky with my last one and bagged 5 Ourano from it. Scents really are hit and miss, but at least you can target specific zones with them. That’s the only thing I spend my in game cash on outside of coin sales :woman_shrugging:


Wait on ouran until you have pulled all the dna you can out of zone 1 and 3. I don’t know what your dino status is but you are better off waiting until that is the only dino you are pending on your team.


Got done with work and was sitting in the parking lot 10 away from leveling. Couldn’t go home until I got it lol. This game makes me wonder about myself pretty often.


When is the next coin sale? I didn’t buy enough last time around.


I live in Zone 1 and my school is in Zone 3, so I need ourano

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They usually do them around holidays. I think the last one was new years. They usually do a cash sale right before it so that’s when you know it is coming. I try to get as much cash as I can from Tapjoy offers when they are 1.5x and 2x so I have cash for scents and coin sales.

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I have 30k cash from cash sales and only 2.2 million coins left but i started on thanksgiving so i don’t know when they consider a holiday. It is a Canadian company so probably not the 4th or Easter but maybe they do celebrate Easter in Canada?


I’ve been considering trying a scent or two for sino all morning here.


I drive through 1 on my way to work and I actually found a wild one that almost made me late :joy:

I live and work in 3 so I have used too many scents to count in 1 and 4 looking for Sino and Ourana. Sometimes I get luck, and sometimes I get all Concav and Secondo. It really is random. I am hesitant to use another one any time soon just because of the fantastic luck I had off of the last one.


Of course we celebrate Easter in Canada. We love bunnies…untitled

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I was looking for a bomb dropping video to show how well that capsule worked out. 1 concavenator and 1 spino gen 2…ouch