Epic Scents have become a bust

Why are Epic scents becoming straight garbage? It’s like Ludia lowered the general spawn rate of Epics, so folks have to turn to using scents. But then Ludia responds by giving the guaranteed 1 Epic and has been more often than not been just that 1 Epic. To add insult to injury, it’s typically a “filler” Epic.

Sure comes off as a frustration post, but after using 2 Epic scents back to back where both of them give 1 Epic each (1 of which was just a Concavenator), I’m reasonably frustrated that I just threw down the equivalent of $20 of Jurassic Cash for garbage.


i used 2 trying to hunt sino…they gave me 5 cancav…wasting time and money!!!


Epic scents should have a higher guaranteed minimum. More players would invest in the chance if the minimum was higher. 1k hard cash is a high price for one useless epic.


I’ve purchased quite a few to kill boredom while I’m working. Most of the time Epic scents are garbage but every once in a while it’s like hitting a jackpot. @Marktheshark was driving during my best Epic Scent which produced 8 really good Epics. So I have a witness lol.

But seriously Ludia if you are reading this please consider making Epic Scents more consistent. Spending 1000 coins for 1 guaranteed Epic is a bad business plan. Your player base won’t spend as much money on the game if you give them garbage in return. For 20 minutes I think an Epic Scent should produce a minimum of 4 Epics.

Just something to consider.



Not to dispute your findings but I ran one Thursday (I think) and landed 6. Not my highest and only one of what I was aiming for but that’s what I found then.

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I think the real issue is how when you run them during the day now you are more likely to get Brachi or Barry besides the Trex and hybrids when most run them on locals for specific loacal dinos. After that your chance of getting Concave’d (for example) is high.

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It’s for that reason I specifically run Epic scents during the day time due to my need for Kentros. The Epic Scents have not treated me kindly. I think there should in fact be a higher guaranteed Epic rate for Epic Scents. Even 2 or 3 would feel like you got something out of the funds you put in. 1 just feels like scam


I have found the time of the day also affects the results as well. Usually I do get a nice selection of epics from the scents. That’s why I continue to buy them. But when you get only the guaranteed 1 epic on a scent a cpl times it tends to sting a lil. We all have come to expect more then 1. And I usually do get more. But a cpl have only produced one spawn and everything was done the exact same way as the previous. But I guess we all know what we are buying when it says 1 epic guaranteed. It would be nice if they could raise the bar tho. I think this would increase profit and cause more to pay for what they want/need

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the best way to use them supposedly is while moving. ive heard instances of double digit results.

I ALWAYS drive when using an Epic Scent

do you? im always stationary so i cant test this myself.

When I buy them my return is rarely worth it. The free one from today brought an ourano and 3 pyros. I’m sure it was coincidence.

I received one in a strike event and used it daytime, L4, walking. I did receive 1 Epic and several nice rare as I remember. I would not purchase one from that experience.

If we had a guarantee of 4 Epic I would likely purchase. Might not use them all the time but would have at least one in inventory all the time for ‘emergencies’. Like stuck in a waiting room or a blizzard outside. Actually, I might purchase several in the storm case.

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Always move but there are speed limits. As long as you do not exceed the general walking speed you will get double spawns

If done this way I would say 4 epics is close to average, maybe 3,5.


my last one in an L3.


Yeah, I can see where they’re kind of in a strange spot as far as the value proposition on these. On the one hand, even getting 1 epic makes these a massively better value than the in-store incubators. On the other hand, you might do better for yourself driving around for 20 minutes and buying nothing.

The 2 I’ve gotten from strikes gave:
#1: 1 epic (pyro), 4 rares, 14 commons
#2: 5 epics (3x brachi, concav, t-rex), 2 rares, 12 commons

I don’t really foresee buying any based on those returns.

Just used one Epic scent today. Was pleased with the results as compared to last time!
Started in L1 and received 2 Sinos(exactly what I was looking for). Moved to L2 and received a Bary, Secondo and Pyro (another epic on my wishlist). 5 Epics in a single Epic scent was a good haul.
Moving around did turn our better. No double epic spawns while moving though. Usually it was 1 epic and another common.

Wait till concav gets a hybrid, u may be happy then

not gonna lie, got 3 ouranos from one this morning. one that i won from a strike event. and a dracorex. but yes, for the most part they are garbage.