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Epic scents: what have they given you?


It’d be cool to see what (if anything) people have gotten out of these new additions? If you can say what zone you’re in, that’s be even better …


garbage 90% of the time now. they started off great yielding 3 to 5 epics but now its like 1 and if you are zone hunting its 50/50 that it will be ouran or secondon for example. actually 75/25 secondon


I bought one and I got one erliko which I’m in the zone for. I have however had about 8 epics from common scents :woman_shrugging:t2:


Two concave… Which was a waste…


Last 48 hours I’ve used 13 epic scent capsules in different parts of Zone 4.

Results: 13 Koolasuchus, 1 Rajasaurus, 1 Ankylosaurus (on my 13th try)

So I average about 1 epic each use, even if I was moving about


4 koola , 2 raja, 1 t rex, 3 anky and 1 ourano(think i was on a zone border)


Me and my two daughters did the strike today two of us got epic scents one got a rare.

We started our scents at a point where an l1 becomes an l2…
I got 3 epic spawns… sinocera, mono, spinosaur gen 2
My Daughter got 2, concavenator and her own mono spaw 4 minutes after mine spawned


t rex, anky raja nodopato erlik pyroraptor secodonto ourano


Opened my first epic today in zone 1, got sinoceratops and concavenator and a couple rates, lots of commons.


Mine gave me 1 rex 3 rares and around 5 commons. Like Heather said though, I get an epic about every other common scent although always Rex for some reason


So I’ve been desperate for Monolophosaurus…
I’ve only seen two in the wild ever and all my other mono DNA came from either 24hour or epic strike event incubators.
I was afraid my monomimus was going to stay at a level 16 forever so I went to its zone to use the free epic scent I got today from one of the strike towers…
Here’s what I got:

Diplocaulus (x2)
Dimetrodon gen 2



While I’m so grateful I got the epic I was hoping for… Itd be nice if it was more than one. Definitely happy it was a mono instead of a concavenator or secodonto though!


honestly i wouldnt mind if my first and only spawn was what i wanted. but when its secodon and thats it…:rage:


Its 3.30 am here, and seeing as everyone else seems to be getting an epic scent from the strike i think im going to go find out what i get😂


I didn’t get an epic one from the scent strike, just a rare one


I got a rare one too, but i witnessed something that more than made up for it.
Space debris exploding/vaporising in our atmosphere.
Orange trail like a shooting star then a bright green flash.
Worth it😁


It seems like that experience was pretty epic just by itself :slight_smile:


And i just popped a common scent from bed and got this


Nice!! Haha, I’d call it a pretty successful evening!