Epic scents worth it?


3 epic scents…
1 ouran
1 secodontasaurus
1 pyroraptor
6 wasted minutes because the last 2 minutes of the scent yield nothing. why does it produce more commons then anything?? thats 3000 cash spent and little to no gain. rip off if you ask me.


What did you expect ? It guarantees only one epic. Commons are…well more commons :thinking:
And to put in perspective, what do you get for 3k cash ? It’s not even an epic incubators, which by the way would give you way less epic DNA for the same amount of cash. And you have the opportunity to get more epic than one plus the fact you can restrict the choice of epic ? That’s not that bad

Epic are interesting when you know where to use it and at what time. I prefer rares one because I got more ROI on them (in L2 I can find what I need the most) but in the end it’s still gamble just like incubators.

I’m with you with the time it’s weird because you still have your 10 (x2) spawns but the last two minutes are useless. Maybe they are required to see the spawns ?
I’d rather have it start at 1min and ends at 19, it will be still 10 activation but I would have the chance to get two spawns for the first activation (at the moment you can only get 19 spawns max for one scent)


i expect more epics not the bare minimum then garbage fot 90% of its life. i know how to use them. its frustrating when you know you can get 4 or 5 sometimes then get only 1per 3 tries…


If you know how to use them, why complaining about how they function ? It works as written. You can expect more but be prepared to create a self disappointment then.
And you can get 4-5 sometimes just like you can get 380 grypo in your epic incub or just like your cloak can work 6 times in a row or just like your 5% crit dino can make two in a row…

It’s all RNG, if you buy one you agree with that.
I know it can be frustrating sometimes, but as long as they don’t make false promise…it’s a game in the end.


yeah and im pointing out how garbage they can be with this thread. dont like it dont comment


Go buy common one and it will worth when spawn 1 epic dino​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im done buying epic scents until they are buffed.

Ive used about a dozen or so to date. Work as advertised, which is fine, but its not good enough for me.


You post in a forum and don’t expect a reply ? Everyone should think like you or don’t comment ? Sounds legit :joy:

To the others that are looking for advice on it, they are gamble just like incubators so be prepared to get only the bare minimum and the most useless epic/rare/whatever. And in some cases you could be rewarded with better ones but you can’t expect it.
My advice as long as you hunt often is to buy coins since it’s the only limited currency (and you get what you paid for)

Agree with you. The price is too high for the return to consider them. I’d rather have 5 rares one to farm for the same price…


its not worth it. i can produce more for free. dont need to spend 1k cash to produce more commons and a stinking secodon when you are hoping for ouran. or you get a koola when you want a raja. its a waste of time and cash.


exactly its not good enough and thats the point of this thread.


Its all luck.
Using a standard “freebie” 5 min common scent this morning and a Baronyx “scent spawned” (had the weird animation so not a normal spawn) - so an epic on a comon scent. Since the common scents came out had lots of rares spawn too.
I keep walking with scents - get more spawns that way


please tell me how it was worth it to spend 1k cash and get 1 koola and a few commons then absolutely nothing for the last 2 minutes.


It was not worth it :joy:

I only say it’s not a rip off like you said because it works as intended. You can think they are not worth it (I think the same) but it doesn’t make them a rip off since you’re choosing to buy them with the knowledge of how it can be disastrous :neutral_face:


its a ripoff because you can stumble upon better for free


When epic scents first came out they were a really good deal…and were producing 3-5 epic spawns
On average. It seens they were adjusted at some point to make it so they spawn one epic that is of the least desirable spawns…and your chances of getting anything better are very small.


good so its not only me experiencing the same thing


Same. I use at least 3 a day, and I always make sure I am in the right zone and move around while they are in use. I’m lucky if I get 2 these days, most of the time it’s just one and usually it’s the non-hybrid ingredient. Too expensive. :joy:


@wrothgar Just used another one and in spite of walking around, only got one epic aaaand I don’t even get two common spawns anymore. Any guess what the epic was?


@Idris :rofl: my guess would be either concavenator or koolasuchus :joy:


Koolasuchus. Tried it again right after one block down and it’s Koolasuchus again :scream: :sob: Ankylosaurus is extinct