Epic scents?


Right now I can afford two Epic scents - are they worth it?


I’d say they are quite worth it. I’ve only bought one epic incubator to treat myself right after that tournament fiasco. Managed to get two sinoceratops, kapros, and a couple velociraptors. Perhaps just purchase one scent, and see if it works out for you. After all it’s a gamble, I could’ve very well had concavenators spawn.


People have mixed results. Some get lucky and get 5-6 epics and some get 1 or 2.


I got four epics the other day from one scent. But the thing is even if you only get one and dart it for roughly 150 DNA you’re getting half the DNA of an incubator for a quarter of the price of an incubator. It’s still worth it.


Plus it attracts dinos that are in the zone you use it in so you can kind of choose which dinos you’ll attract instead of total randomness with an incubator.


I appreciate your responses! I will try one out and see what I get. If it goes well, I’ll purchase another!


Just want to add that if you want to get epic dinos that spawn during the day/dusk/dawn, play it safe and only use it during the day. For example, I use about 2 to 3 capsules a day and I’ve yet to have Kentro spawn for me during dawn and dusk. During dawn and dusk I tend to get dinos that spawn any time like Concavenator and sometimes Sino and TRex


2 Sinoceratops and a Brachiosaurus and concavenator


Wow, congrats! That is super lucky! :grinning:


Another recommendation is try to use one on a bus…slower than a car. You have to keep moving, but not too fast. On my way home, I go through all 4 zones and several parks. The first time I used one, I got 5 epics…plus 2 normal spawns for Trex. Be prepared to ignore anything else unless it is absolutely necessary because you’ll probably miss another epic. The key is too keep moving. Good luck!


I brought two epics scents the other day, got a trex out of one and didn’t even get a epic in the other! I have better luck just getting the rares from the rare scent


That’s terrible! Were you walking? Still? Driving?


I was walking my street to a few events drops


Used an epic scent just now and I only got one Koolasuchus :sob::scream: I absolutely detest that abomination :joy:


it guarentees 1 epic per use


I got a Rex from a common, several rares from common scents as well. This far Ive had good luck but.Ive yet to invest in an epic


The key is to move fast enough to cover a few miles/km in 20 minites… but not to fast to miss spawns either. That’s why I suggested a bus…slower but steady. I have yet to get less than 4 epic spawns on an epic scent cap.


I would never suggest to set one off standing, or even walking. Maybe I was lucky though. I’ll try again tonight.