Epic scents!?!?

1000 cash. and in 20 mins i got 1 epic and it was a spino gen 2 hahaha

really? thats what a scent capsule does? what a waste of money

Its depends on each others luck…i got 6 epics today, 3 from epic scent (conca, kentro and T-rex), one from normal scent (baryonix) and 2 random area spawns (baryonix, nodoapato)

It depends on your local spawn, if you get spino gen 2 it means you in local 3. Better use it in night time to catch monolophosaur.

Ur only guaranteed 1 epic. U can get more. Not guaranteed. Clearly says that u only guaranteed one in the the description. If gou get more ur lucky. I got 7 before with 10 rares and 2 commons. Best one i ever had

Hahaha good ol zone 3. I popped 3 yesterday. 5 spino gen 2. One bary. One mono. The rest all crap

Step one of scent use: Move from Local 3

Step 2: Keep moving in the better local so you get double spawns.

I average 5 per scent if moving. I’ve gone as high as eight but no lower than 3.

Yeah. I got one Concavenator, some Kaprosuchus and Velos but no Sino. I had five epics the night before without using a scent!

I wanted erliko though that’s why I was in 3

Got five sitting at home with one this arvo 1 Secodonto 1 Bary 3 ouranos. Like Russian roulette in my local can sometimes get all secodonto pretty sure I’m l2