Epic scents

Does anyone have luck with these things? I have a terrible streak lately. Just now was first Kentro… amazing. Literally all the rest were Majunga and one dimorphodon

Yeah scents and epic spawns…all gotten much worse since update.

I popped an common sent, while sitting at home and a Ankylosaurus spawned.

It’s a gamble. One time I had barely an ourano and another I got 3 kentro, a pteranodon, a T-rex and a sino. Imo they are best used in L1 at daytime where you could get kentro, sino, t-rex, baryo.

Im pretty sure you mean l1.

This is why I don’t buy them.

Used in l1 and got 2 sino, 2 bary and 2 kentro, I would have preferred more sino

Aha yes edited :wink: