Epic scents!


Hey all, how many of you have gotten an epic scents from an event?
I realize not all events can give an epic and I’m not complaining, but I’ve played every event and am still waiting on one. I refuse to spend the 1k cash for one! :rofl:


I did every scent strike event that was featured so far. I think I’ve got a total of 3 epic scents…


Same with me


The last 11 I have only got commons


ive gotten 2 so far. mostly large common.


Nope. Rare is the best I’ve had.


I bought myself some of the scents when I was working on unlocking Diorajasaurus. I was rather happy with the results (night time: several Rajasaurus, a few Baryonyx and not too many Koolasuchus ^^)


I’ve been fortunate and have gotten 3 epics to date. However, I usually get commons/large commons.


I managed to get 3 epic scents in total from the scent strikes. I decided to use one on my lunch break and out of 10 spawns, 5 were epic. Not bad for a free scent. :grin:


When I used one, I got 2 koolasuchus and the next 8 were suchomimus. Just a tad disappointing, but at least I didn’t pay for it!


I got 1 Kentro, 1 Concavenator and 3 Sino. Considering the fact I’ve only seen Sino a total of 4 times in the wild I was more than happy.


Nice pulls, I hope to get an epic scent from an event one day, so far I’ve gotten two rares.


I have gotten one. I got 2 rares already this week, but I usually just get a large common.


Man! I’m just unlucky :rofl:


There is hope. I got my first one today finally :slightly_smiling_face:


1 for now…and one epic by useing it :sweat_smile: …i can find more epic spawns commuting :joy:


I think ive gotten like 4 or so… but this last month its been mostly rares.


I seem to get a lot of Rare scents and sad to say… I have wasted 2 (including current tower) as my backpack is full!

Ludia, if you are prepared to give scents via towers, why not raise the limit of how many we can carry? Better yet, I can see this as another VIP selling point… :pleading_face:


Never gotten an epic. Mostly large common. A handful of rares


My first strike scent was epic. Done every strike scent and never have had another epic scent, only two rare scent, rest common.