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Epic skill tournament is back. You know that that means

Speed ties. Speed ties and more speed ties, and the occasional move selection bug too.
We already know that the results of that poll we had a while ago has no bearing on Ludia’s future decisions, so we should probably keep complaining about this until we get a change, because they didn’t even mention in passing that this was an issue they were working on.

I might sound like a broken record, but this is basically our only way of even having the slightest of hopes of influencing their decisions.

I know we’ve all (some more than others) had to learn to just throw up our hands and deal with this annoyance, but if this injustice is really a cause we care about, we can’t just stop talking about it, at least not until we get some indication that they’re aware this is still an issue.

So there.

[For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, the speed tie system heavily favours those living closest to Ludia’s servers in Canada]


I’ve played tons of matches in the tournament and not once yet come across a speed tie.


Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the speed ties?? I mean, sometimes you’re lucky, other times not, but the tournament is still much more fair than the advantage ones with boosted monsters where you get no chance of getting to the top…

There is no better way of deciding who goes first… and I’m not saying it doesn’t bother me to go second, but there are much worse problems to deal with…


This is not about luck. Faster connection(location) wins 90% of the time. I am in Turkey and losing most of the speed ties no matter how fast I click on the move. It gets frustrating after some time.

What’s your secret?

Uh, yeah, no. My chances of winning a speed tie are like 1/10000. I’ve had multiple tournaments where I’ve made it to the top 100 without winning a single speed tie.

You have to realise that not everyone’s experience of speed ties will be the same, naturally. But you don’t need experience to call out a mechanic for being biased and unfair.

RNG. A 50/50 chance would be much better, in fact, it would objectively be perfectly fair.

So Ludia gets a free pass on this one? Is that what you’re implying?

Speed Ties are still an issue… Ludia please fix this…pleeeeeeaseeeeeeeee :weary::weary::weary:

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If you’re not finding yourself in a stupid Rixis vs Rixis situation, you’re not playing this tournament enough… Worst speedtie there is, cause there’s no escape from it. Ridiculous.


Last 5 matches, had 3 of them turn 1. Guess it’s Arthritis time

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again doing 10 defeats and stopped playing.

played every single tournament from the beginning.of.the game.

used to scale up and had good results but hey!! there is a point where no matter what I did, I lost every single match because of speedties. I mean, top ones are the.ones with best connection… so… “Blanco y en botella”

I’m in top 500 and have gotten around 5 speed ties so far and I lost all but 1. It’s rigged towards good connection and living in Canada nobody else even gets a chance.

Don’t forget thyla vs thyla or bronto v bronto

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That’s why for me finishing on top50 is like being champion. I lose 99.9% of ties… And that 0.01% is one in the beggining of a tourney against some rare speedtie loser like myself…

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Maybe the final call as to who wins the tie should be like a Jump Ball in Basketball. This time, you win the speed tie, so next time, I win it.

50/50 RNG seems the only fair way, it might lead to some frustration and throwing toys out of the pram when on a run of bad luck… but that’s better than some people losing 100% of speed ties because of where they live…

I was doing so well and when I was at my max, 1520, I had one player to put me down with 5 defeats in a row. Three were decided by speed ties at the start, every time sarco vs sarco. On top of that, in two other matches his creatures were left on 2-digit numbers, with my brachiosaur missing two crits in a row against entelochops who hit a decisive crit in the first match and my brachiosaur recieving two stuns and unsucessful swap, even though it has 67 % resistance on both of them.

My cell phone survived somehow .

I dont mind cuz I live in New England. I always thought I just clicked faster.

RNG would be the second most unfair way of solving speedties imo, this was an idea I liked and it should play like one of those “click close to the center” bars.

It isn’t a matter of opinion. RNG is objectively fair. It’s like a coin toss. That’s always going to be fair, wherever you live.

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There are better ways. Like taking turns of who goes first. That’s better already.
I lose every speed tie at the moment because I’m in Egypt with slow dsl. No matter how fast I tap.

Another way is making the speed client side. So the person who is actually quicker gets to go first. Not ideal, but everything is better than now.

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I don’t think RNG is the way to go. They should read the time in each individuals app from when each player was presented with their move sets and then when each player chose their move, then that time should be sent back and compared. Whoever did it quicker goes first. This would still allow for a skill based tie breaker, but not be reliant on location.