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Epic Spawn Rate?


I took a 2hour trip through all zones and not a single epic spawned? Is this normal? Does anyone know what the epic spawn rates are?


Metahub said that it’s a 1% chance in one of their spawn lists.


Same here, it’s getting boring.
3 hours yesterday as a passenger, 1 epic.
Covered a huge area :frowning:


It definitely feels like epic spawn rates have decreased recently. I use to encounter several epics a day and Ive been seeing about 1 on average daily lately.

They probably dropped the spawn rates when they came out with the scents to get more people to buy them


Conspiracy theory again :joy: :joy: :joy:

I encounter 9 epics yesterday and 7 the day before. My average is around 6. It’s all RNG and it depends on how many time you play and how. Sometimes I have 3 epics in 300m and sometimes I barely see one in 1h trip. All I can tell is that they are way more epic than at the beginning


I have seen far more than usual recently - that’s not saying much as I usually go days without seeing an epic in the wild. Maybe they have rejigged where epics more likely to spawn? … and area I usually play is no longer an epic “drought” zone


far less. im glad its not only me thats experiencing it.


It appears the epic spawn rate must have increased. Last night in a little over an hour I saw 6 and have seen two this morning in about 30 minutes.


They certainly have decreased. I see one probably every other day now. Even up to a couple months ago I would see two or three on the 15 minute cycle ride into work and back.


I used to play 3 hours daily and move between local 4, 2 and 1 (not local 3 in my city apparently). Spawn rates dropped after 1.5 for real. Epic were clearly affected, specifically T-rex. I used to see 2-4 from my house every day spawning at nests. Those nests haven’t spawned a single T-rex since 1.5 update. One might believe that T-rex doesn’t nest anymore, but I assume that it’s just a drop in the spawn rate.

What dataminers find in the game master is probably fine, but ludia has shown that they can change spawn rates on their side -no need to update the game master. They’ve been doing this for different events. In the same way they can drop spawn rates of specific dinos to sell them in incubators or scents.

People may go overboard sometimes, but there’s enough evidence of lower spawn rates.


Hello quakeur

I consider you a serious and sincere person (I follow your Twitter) and I wanted to ask you a question: how many hours a day do you play to get that extraordinary rate of epics?

On a normal day I play almost eight hours, which I think are quite a lot, between active search (two hours of walking, one hour by train, 40 minutes of bus) and inactive search (three hours from home and one hour approximately in different breaks in work) and I usually find one or two epics a day. Some extraordinary days I can find three or four. Sometimes I do not find any epic. Only four times in more than 200 days that I have been playing have I found five or more epics (5, 8 and 9 concretely,). You say that sometimes you have found 3 epics in 300 meters, that has never happened to me. I think there may be very different rates depending on the location but in my case I play from rural areas to a large city (Barcelona).

In my case I decided some time ago to base my team on legendary and epics that do not need epics for their fusion (stegodeus, tragodistis, stegoceratops, spinotasuchus) because I only find epics based on weekly events and epic towers. I managed to merge the Thor because there have been Sino in 4 weekly events, Indoraptor because for a while I found a couple of Trex a week and there was a weekly event and yesterday I managed to merge my third unique thanks to the Ouranosaurus event of a couple of weeks since I have not seen any Ouranosaurus in freedom since long before Christmas. Before, I got frustrated, now I no longer. I know that my game is based on walking a lot to find common and rare and wait for weekly events, towers and incubators to get epics.


You guys do realize that some of the messages your responding to in this thread are almost 3 months old.


It is true, but the reality has not changed. In my case I do not notice that there is less epic than in other times. I’ve been playing seven months and there have never been epics!

On the other hand there is a wrong calculation. In some previous post it is said that the possibility of finding an epic is 1% and that would indicate that every 100 creatures could find an epic but that calculation is not real because the epic are active very little time (I think 15 minutes, I think ) while the common ones are long and the rare ones are an intermediate time. Therefore, the probability of finding an epic is much lower than one in a hundred.


Do you guys know you are responding to a topic from almost 3 months? Better start a new discussion to make it more clear if you want to talk about it and the new spawns.

And I want to thank you

My playtime vary depending on my work and it’s difficult to estimate an amount of time. I track my epics in my Twitter but I have many project at the moment and didn’t update it for some time.

At this time I played way more than now but I tend to see the same amount of epics. The main difference is now almost 50% of the spawns are bary. I played a lot yesterday and I saw 7 of them and like 6 other epics (sino 2x, Seco 2x stegoceratops and a koola) . 7 spawns that could have been local epics or even a sought-after T-rex. But not just the I-got-only-one-legendary-hybrid. Kinda sad.

I think there are area with way more epics than other. Look at some places in Taiwan where erli, rex, sino, ankylo are spawning more than stego :joy:


Yeah i wanna move to this local 5 in taiwan where erlich spawn like majunga


From the start, thank you very much for responding.

From your answer it is clear to me that in some countries or continents spawns are greater than in others. For me it is impossible to see 13 epics. I have never seen them. To give you an idea, I made a road trip between Andorra (a small country in the Pyrenees) and my house where I did not drive. We talked about 3 and a half hours of travel and all the active time. Throughout the trip I only saw an epic and was out of my area of ​​action, about 300 meters. Every afternoon I walk 2 hours through the center of Barcelona and the usual thing in all that tour is not to find any epic, with luck one. I have written down in my mind the day I found three epic in that journey, it was a dream !!! but very far from the amount of epics that you comment. I have commented with people from my alliance, mostly from Spain and their experience is similar to mine, in three active hours of search can not wait more than one epic or two. Luckily, with great legendaries that do not need epics it is possible to advance a lot but many times this topic is desperate. In fact, there are people who have stopped going out and limited themselves to making towers and weekly events and it is a pity. I’m still going for a walk because it’s good for my health and to collect the commons I need (velos, tarbos, deinocherius, …) but I never go out looking for epics because it’s useless.