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Epic Spawn Rate?


I took a 2hour trip through all zones and not a single epic spawned? Is this normal? Does anyone know what the epic spawn rates are?


Metahub said that it’s a 1% chance in one of their spawn lists.


Same here, it’s getting boring.
3 hours yesterday as a passenger, 1 epic.
Covered a huge area :frowning:


It definitely feels like epic spawn rates have decreased recently. I use to encounter several epics a day and Ive been seeing about 1 on average daily lately.

They probably dropped the spawn rates when they came out with the scents to get more people to buy them


Conspiracy theory again :joy: :joy: :joy:

I encounter 9 epics yesterday and 7 the day before. My average is around 6. It’s all RNG and it depends on how many time you play and how. Sometimes I have 3 epics in 300m and sometimes I barely see one in 1h trip. All I can tell is that they are way more epic than at the beginning


I have seen far more than usual recently - that’s not saying much as I usually go days without seeing an epic in the wild. Maybe they have rejigged where epics more likely to spawn? … and area I usually play is no longer an epic “drought” zone


far less. im glad its not only me thats experiencing it.