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Epic Spawn Rates


What has happened to the epic spawn rate …before the last update Ludia promised increased rare and epic spawns but I hardly see any epics on my daily travels and no T Rex in over a week …the only epics I have had recently have come from epic scent capsules…is everybody else finding the same problem with this?


I have noticed an increase from the low point before and during last tournament. Yesterday was 3 T-Rex and an anky while driving a short time, but none at my office (couple restaurants in our building and quite a few in the area, used to get like 3/day there alone). So to me it still appears something has changed and its lower than 1.4 and below but still higher than the start of 1.5.

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I noticed an increase too, but still lower than 1.4. I caught 3 baryonyx and 1 pyroraptor yesterday, and 1 brachiosaurus, 1 pyroraptor and 1 ouranosaurus today. T-rex is less than 1.4. I hope this can be improved.

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This seems to be all location based, and not everywhere across the board. Some report an increase, and others like myself see a decrease since last patch. It is a super hit and miss, and needs to be addressed for balancing purposes…


The rate of epic spawns is too low …game will lose its appeal if it doesn’t improve

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Had a T Rex on my doorstep this morning


Its real but …


Yes, I run into the same issue. I catch one t-rex every 2-3 weeks. But is not just t-rex, I don’t see much higher rates for all the other epics either. Living in a local 4, I haven’t seen a rajasaurus in more than two weeks. I was lucky to see one anky yesterday and a couple baryonix in the last two weeks. I was also blessed with one t-rex from a large scent while I sat on my sofa.

Rares are a bit better, but not to throw a party.


The game is dying. No epic spawns anywhere. It’s all pointless. Just uninstall like everyone else.


Yeah baryonix most common


I’ve noticed wild swings in the spawns. Some days I get nearly 10 epics and then I’ll go a day without seeing any. Today I got two Kentros after not seeing any in months. A few weeks ago, I actually got 5 golden chickens within a few days. Again, nothing for months before that, and nothing since. Weirdness.

I’ve also been finding a lot of dinos out of local. I know that there is a small chance for any dino to spawn in any local, but I’m seeing a significant number of paras in L1 and L3.


10 in one day? I’d be lucky to see that in a week. This game is such bs. Luck gets you everything. Counting the days to see if 1.6 actually makes changes or just nails the final nail into the JWA coffin.


Are you kidding? They’ve been all over!! I’ve never seen this many before!

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Sometimes we are missing the spawns. The T-Rex that I timed only hung around for a whopping 5 minutes


In context, I have a two hour round trip commute and I work on a college campus with a huge park and many stops. So 10 may seem like a lot, but in concentration of my game exposure it doesn’t seem unusually high on the “good days.” In contrast the days with zero seem dismal. Plus a good number of those 10 are things few want, like Seco or Concav.


The spawns rates are a bit better now
But the t-rex spawns got replaced by barys for sure.
( meybe because of the upcoming fallenkingdom week)
I see 1, or max 2 t-rexes a week compared to avarage 3 daily before 1.5.


That just happened to me a few seconds ago. I tried to get it, but then I went to my collection page for a few seconds before going back to the map… And the Baryonyx disappears. It was on the map for literally 30 seconds and it just left.

What is happening? How do they expect us to catch Epics if they despawn in under a minute?


i dont see any trex…just baronyx,spino and monolophosaurus


Please increase spawn rate and don’t make it be just more Baryonixes (Idk what the plural of Baryonix is).