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Epic spawn

I believe epic spawn rate is increased in 1.10, which is great!

I run into Turtles and especially Pteranodon all the time everywhere. Are they confirmed as global spawns now?

Gamepress spawn guide is not updated.

You must live in a park !!! I hunt on average 3 hours a day and have not seen any wild turtles last 2 months except the “hybrid chase” week. Yes it is true that now I see more peteranodones than before. Specifically I have seen 3 in the last month when before it was normal to see 0 a month … I would not know if Spawn has increased :slight_smile:


Definetely no park. At home. At work. And anywhere on the 43 km distance in between. No other park spawn around.

Have darted apprx 75-80 Pteranodon after event ended. Also many Turtles, but not that many.

Not for me, not even on Hybrid Pursuit (only one).


Some areas gained park spawns with 1.10 map mess. Though I barely see a turtle, while I find Pteras all the time. 🤦😑

I often find routes between citys are now considered park-areas. Definitly seeing Pteranodon there.

Thanks, @Dinotris - that must be it. Didn’t know about that.

I have loved this map mess so far, but don’t need more Pteranodon now😆

Yeah there’s something new with the park logic. Areas that aren’t green on the map can still be considered parks. I work in one of those zones. I see some carbo and pteranodon but pretty much never the regular zone spawns. I see about 1 dracorex gen 2 a day now, it used to be 10+.
I think Ludia should fix this, although most people probably won’t mind that there are extra parks.