Epic Spino dna

What’s the plan for all of the Spino dna from raids? Is Spino going to eventually get the Carno treatment where it has like 50 million uses?

I sure hope so because I barely bother to dart it anymore. If anything:

I’d like “omg, yellow!!!”

(Banned 4x)


You know Erlikospyx exists right?


You know that the person who made the post most likely have spyx maxed right? Literally one of the easiest to max


There are people who don’t, so it’s not useless as they want to make it look…

Omg… I had NO idea this existed :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Thank you for being reasonable

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? I’m confused.

Your initial comment could have been interpreted as a baiting. However, egotistical is thrown out? Ok we’re all have opinions.

Here’s my thing. With the comparison to carno. Before it had more kids, it had 2 previous evo routes.

Then an EXPLOSION! Life found a way!

I’m wondering why Spino is constantly awarded as raid dna and IF it will have the same result as carno, seeing as though it is super abundant for any who decide to raid. I’d argue that it’s the EASIEST epic Dino to “farm”, because of it. With it too, like carno, having only 2 current evo chains.

That’s the tldr version of my initial comment

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Why is Spino Gen 2 an issue when it has a superhybrid? You know what doesn’t have a superhybrid?

Allosaurus Gen 2
Haast Eagle Gen 2
Every single flock

And if you want to include some raid rewards:

These lists don’t even include every single example, as there are a bunch. This topic seems kinda pointless when Spino Gen 2 shouldn’t even be a priority. Also, it’s only given out on one specific epic raid, so it’s not like they’re intentionally handing out a bunch of it.

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Hmmm??? Cuz I want to know about this one in particular and asked about it specifically.

Not too sure why this is bothering you personally, but hey, I’m willing to entertain those thoughts in another thread that you decide to author that is relevant to you personally. :dove:

Hey everyone, let’s keep the comments respectful even if we have different opinions on Spino’s viability.


I’m not, I’m just asking and looking for reasoning as to why spino g2 should be prioritized over other creatures, while I explain why it shouldn’t. I was just starting a standard debate, so I don’t see how I come off as “bothered”. But if you want me to stop, I will.

I agree and already posted about it. It’s more than enough time to get other rewards than spino2. Not saying to get rid of spino2 just to add other possible rewards. Most of those raiding every day are at the DNA cap already and have erlikospyx at level 30 as well.

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The answer has been in the data mines for a while now.

The Alberta-Spino? It’s confirmed use of epic spino? If so, that would be petty neat.

Spinonyx, it Will use onyx + albert

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Don’t forget a there is Spinoceratops that could potentially be released.


I’m wondering why it’s the only epic in the raid pool? Could do with a freshening up and add a few more options.


I googled it and apparently it’s a thing. From camp Cretaceous. I don’t watch it, so forgive me it’d this is old news.

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