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Epic Strike 03/04/19


Should be pretty easy. Use fast and distracting dinos. Or just bleed it :grin:


Woohoo!! Anky :heart_eyes:

This was a good start to the morning:


I got Pyro and Raja :unamused:


Soloed it with Tenontorex.
Finally got an awesome epic incubator with tons of useful common and rare DNA plus 6 Raja and 352 Kentrosaurus DNA. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Cuz this is what imbalance means to me…

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Wait, am I the only one who had both the grey and the blue incubator bug out? The incubator looked transparent in a blocky way, as in could not load the image and the associated animation. That’s a no biggie but the content itself just gave coins and stopped there. I am worried the same will happen to the epic incubator and I will get no DNA there as well…


I got same problem here, only got coins and no dna😒

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When you restart, it seems to be correct. You might want to contact support about it.


I did restart between the grey and blue one, but the same thing happened to the blue one. Then I changed my network and restarted once again for the epic one. This time it was ok.


383 Erlik!! My day has been made! :+1::+1::+1:


Brachi and Raja :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


I wouldve preferred Pachycephalosaurus over the 60 secodontosaurus that I got. Come on game I really want to unlock the Pachy so bad


But hey I’ll gladly take the 280 Anky it gave me


Yeah for the rare incubator it showed a pixlatuon, then I got coins but no dna.


Went for bleeding this time. DNA was pure garbage.

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Easy strike

I just added bleeding attacks of Spinotahraptor (lvl 13) and Suchotator (lvl 15)

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Congrats! So hoping for some Anky - need it badly. None out here in the wild. Not even local parks.


I’m the exact opposite! 1300 Anky but no Kentro :frowning:


Got 270 Monolophosaurus! Monostego can get some love now.

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I got Alanqua and Gryposuchus