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Epic Strike 6/1/21 has outdated rewards

It looks like the 3 step Epic Strike tower today has an epic incubator from last years’ dinosaur event week. The logo differs from the other themed strikes that were out yesterday and today, and it doesn’t include any of the newer dinosaurs, e.g. Sonorasaurus or Compsognathus.

It’s over six hours since reset and this still hasn’t been fixed, nor have I seen any posts about it, but would be nice if we could get the updated incubator.


3 Step Epic strike logo and contents:

1Step gold rim strike logo and contents for comparison:


You are correct! @E.D @Ned Can you guys fix this please/pass it on? Would like to have this years incubator, as shown on the weekly event calendar.

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didn’t even notice untill this was posted.


Hey there, Negibizer. I believe newer creatures might not be added to all the Incubators immediately, but I can definitely pass this along to our team to look at!

Thank you, everyone, as well!

If you look at the calendar, the incubator shown for Tuesday, is not the one that we got on the map. This is what we are referring to. The incubator on the map is from last year. The one on the event calendar is for this year, which is not what we got.


Thanks! I’ll include this info as well :mag: .


Would you suggest that we also open an in-game ticket for this? Or should we just wait?

Thanks for the info, our team is looking into this issue!


Right and I wanted a chance at the new contents. Come on.

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I was also unsure what to think of this and I was disappointed that the rewards were all older dinos

Should we still submit an in-game ticket?

Yes what’s happening about this?

Then again is anyone surprised the incubator is wrong ??

I messaged both Ned and Eugene to see if there were any updates. So far, nothing :confused:

Any word on this yet @moderators ?

Hey Negibizer, I haven’t gotten an update from our team yet but they are currently looking into this.

At the moment, I don’t believe it’s necessary to send in a support ticket. However, if anything changes or if there is new information, we’ll be sure to try and provide an update here.

Thank you for your patience!

Nope, No need!

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Hello all! :blush:

This Epic Event will be rescheduled for this Sunday with the correct rewards!


Thanks so much for the response! Will let my alliance know right away.