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Epic strike battles

Are you guys ever gonna make it achievable to beat the epic strike battles? Not once have I ever been able to defeat these battles. 3 level 30s is ridiculous when my highest level dino is 10 levels lower. Doesn’t quite seem fair. Makes me not want to play to be honest. AND I’ve used 200 bucks to replay on accident ( I would never spend that on something I know is impossible to win) trying to get the supply drop on top of it. It’s very frustrating!

Maybe try tomorrow, will probably be “easier” :slight_smile:


Welcome Whitney!

On Metahub you will often find a strike strategy that will help. Sometimes even teams of very low level dinos can win.


The Epic strike is not for low level players. You have the other towers for that. The epic is hard even for us with level 20+ dinos. But they are awesome once you get to a level you can face them. One of the best things they’ve created. Something for mid-high level players to look forward to every week in this game.


In time you will be able to beat them. We have all lost plenty along the way. There are many more strike towers that are geared toward beginner to mid level players every week than there are epic challenging ones. Watch the forum posts, many of us try to help with strategies.

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