Epic strike event easy

Team used:
Lv 20 mego
21 indo
20 utasinoraptor
17 suchatotor

Recommend throwing out mego bc of 1.5 damage each time and he can survive 1-2 hits
Rex came out first, mego got 2 hits off . Left rex at 2400hp
Uta finished it off with a critical and left dimo on half health
Uta died and indo finished it one hit

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I hope rex come first too for me. If not I’m dead :sweat_smile:

Rex first
Pyritator got both hit in then died
Indoraptor came in and 1x hit
Dimetrodon comes out and 2x then got the crit on the cleans and won. Easy

My team
22 pyrritor
18 spinothraptor
20 Monosteg
24 indoraptor

Opponent 1 Trex gen 2 vs pyrritor I was surprised to get 2 shots of 4500 approx in was figuring one shot and bring in the bleeder! Monosteg took out Rex with first shot leaving the Dimetro which I got 2 good shots in and finished with a full charge indoraptor which 2 shot it! Didn’t need the bleed!

RNG baby RNG

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Love to hear from folks that cleared without indo, curious if possible with average level 17 team.

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Its possible. I didnt rely on cloak for indo. Just used a stronger crusher for the final blow. He was my final dino. Low hp strong att

Pic of your team?

They are teams of two of my kids:

Wasn’t that hard. We have had much harder strike towers before.

Although I am pretty upset at the incubator for this particular tower…(brachi and koolasuckus? What the heck am i supossed to do with that? Jeesh…)

I guess I should just be happy that I didn’t have to fight teams of level 3 dinos yet again. :grin:

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I got 372 Sinoceratops and 20 Paramoloch.
Very happy. Incubator can be nice.

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I just won the strike, and I wanted to share what I did. I don’t have any Uniques, my team was Indominus(Lv. 20), Gorgosuchus (Lv. 20), Velociraptor (Lv.20) and Pyrritator (Lv.16).T-rex came first. This is what I did. I go with my Indominus first. You need to use “Cloak” here. Now you have a 50% chance of dodging and even if the T-rex lands the hit Indominus should survive (except if it is a crit. but that is a 20% chance of the 50% T-rex has of hitting you. Odds are at our favor). If you land a crit. T-rex is dead, but if you don’t you do arround 3500 damage. On the next turn T-rex killed my Indominus, so next I sent my Gorgosuchus, that with ferocity strike killed T-rex, with no crit. Then it was a easy, I did 3000 damage to Dimetrodon. The next turn Dimetrodom was dead. I hope this helps someone

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Who won what and how did you win?

For me it would be more interesting:

What dinosaur appears first?
What attacks does the AI use?
Will the AI use swapping out?


Rex first
Pyritator got both hit in then died
Indoraptor came in and 1x hit
Dimetrodon comes out and 2x then got the crit on the cleans and won. Done deals

I used Megalosuchus 23, Pyrittator 20, Indoraptor 23 and Utahsinoraptor 20.

T-rex Came out first to face Megalosuchus. I Fericous striked for 1.5 damage. A took a hit, counter at 1.5 damage. Used Critical strike got T-rex down under 600HP and I died. Sent in Pyrittator and finished her off. Then I used my 2 big strikes on Dimetrodon before dying and finished her with a cleansing strike from Indo.


I won with indominus 20, posti 19 and stegodeus 20 !!! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::joy:

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How can one have Allino with Allo still at level 11?
Did I miss any event?

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Good question :slight_smile: It seems you did - those 200 dna legendary incubators maybe a month ago.

Ahhhh! I’m f2p :sweat_smile:

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