Epic strike event glitch

I was 2-1 up in the second stage of the strike event when the bot wouldn’t attack for the allotted time and I restarted the game with still a 100 seconds left and it showed " Defeated".
P.s - I was using tragodistis and I had my long invincibility on so I couldn’t have died!


Same exact thing!
I saw that they unlocked it again.
Tried it again, same strategy because it works.
Time out defeat again.

edit: I see it’s unlocked again, I’ll try it tonight without long invincibility, see if that helps.

Any idea how you may have triggered the glitch?

I had the same issue but after I restarted the app the loss was gone and the entire battle started over

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It seems to me when I tried to use stun against the monoplasaurs it glitched but than it also glitched against the gallimemous when I used my tragodistist invincibile move

After it glitched the second time is when I got the defeated message and was ready to raise a ruckus with ludia! For some reason it would not work when I tried to pay the 200 to try again so I restarted the app and it was like the glitched battle never happened

That’s exactly what I mean by unlocked.
At least we’re getting another chance at it.

Update - I got to do it again without using any extra cash and have completed it

Me too :+1::+1::+1:

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It glitched for me too! I lost because the opponents disappeared and it tells me to choose attacks, even though I can’t see what happens… This has happened before as well. So when I restarted the game I had lost two dinosaurs :rage:

I had the same thing. I had to use cash to reset 2 times befire I saw it in the forum. Wasted 700 cash. Kinda pissed about it

I never use stun in the strike towers now because of Ludia’s incapability to fix the stun bug. My advice is don’t use stun. As for invincibility, well just add it to the long list of bugs that Ludia aren’t looking at. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What is the stun bug?

Same as this I believe. You stun the A.I. opponent, it gets successfully stunned, then next turn you chose your attack but the A.I. sits there thinking for the whole 300 odd seconds.

First time it happened to me I used Stegoceratops on Blue. I stunned Blue successfully, then chose my next attack which was a stun attack again, but Blue sat there thinking. I quit out of the game, went back in and it let me select my move, but Blue was still stunned. Anyway, when the counter got down to 0 my move executed and guess what, I was unlucky… yes unlucky, to get another stun on Blue. This time counter got down to about 100 seconds remaining when it came up saying I was defeated.

After the second strike tower this happened on I refused to use stun dinos. This was AGES ago and Ludia sit on their little piggy banks laughing.


When you use stun against a certain dinosaur it starts the 300 seconds timer that you have to wait till it hits zero until it makes the move

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Same thing ! 2 times !!! :confused: :scream:

2 times yesterday and today it’s a joke this game. Today i don’t use stun and appends

I had the same problem with the Invincibility. I was using my Alanqa against the A.I, also using the Alanqa. As soon as I used long invincibility the AI won’t attack until the timer reached 0. Since my shield lasted 2 turns the same thing happened the next turn. That’s when it glitched, when the timer reached 40 seconds I was told I lost.

For now I don’t used any stun or invincibility moves and so far I haven’t had any issues.

I think the solution here is, don’t use long invincibility :slight_smile:

Or stun 101010

I have discovered a glitch that needs to be addressed. I was attempting the gold cunning creature challenge and made it through the first match. On the second match the final creature I faced was the gallimimus I had a invincibility shield up and the gallimimus one hit away to defeat. It made me wait the whole 340 seconds to do an evasive strike. On my turn of course I missed. Then it had me wait through the 340 seconds and it kicked me claiming victory from me. I refuse to pay to try again not knowing that the problem has not been resolved.