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Epic Strike event of Tuesday


Does someone already know which dinos we have to battle in the epic strike event of tomorrow?


Two level 30 creatures. Velociraptor speed 132 strike and pounce and Ornithomimus speed 131 evasive strike which has dodge, impact and run and instant distraction immunity.


They’re both level 30. I used tanks (stegodeus, trago, monostego) and Indoraptor and had no problems.

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What level tanks DeLana?


Solo’d it with a 25 Stegodeus, pretty easy, though I was lucky Orni didn’t dodge once, if it had, I would’ve needed a second creature.

Shield against Orni Evasive - no dodge.
Thagomizer on incoming Raptor.
Rampage - Raptor dead without getting off a hit!
Shield against Orni Evasive - no dodge.
Rampage - Orni Dead


Exact same, with a 23 Stegod. Critted on the last Rampage or I would have had to bring in VRaptor to cleanup.

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Man you guys got lucky, orni dodged EVERY SINGLE ATTACK!


27 Stegodeus, 26 Trago, 26 Indoraptor, 22 Monostegotops.

I didn’t mention their levels because they don’t have to be high level. I only lost one dino. Tankiness and slowing moves are key. Keep in mind: you have the combined HP and attack moves of 4 dinos vs. 2!

GL everyone!


Ha! Not with my Monomi! I nullified Orni, but managed to dodge every single move myself :joy::joy::joy:



Started with Tryko, finished with Tryko. Easy peasy if you have the Queen. :wink:


Same tactics. Just used Stegodeus. A friend also used a lvl 22 one to solo this.


Could someone please tell me all that in dummy language like maybe show me pictures of the dinosaurs to use because I don’t know the names of those dinosaurs lmfaoooo I have really good Dino’s I just don’t know what their names are. Please help me someone


Failed… because my Monomimus couldn’t dodge and my tanks were not quite high enough. :frowning:


If I’m lucky with Indo’s cloak, do you think I’d be able to win? A x2 Rampage might be able to one shot…


I almost went monomime but got scared so I tried with tyrannolaphsaur but then they started with velo and messed my plan all up! Orni dodged all but the last again and that last won it for me!


Sorry you failed because you chose Monomimus that’s a bad choice for this tower. I know this is harsh but don’t rely on dodge when there are so many other better options. The tower is still around for ages you have plenty of time to devise a plan.
If you are going to rely on dodge go with Indominus which Could still take a hit and try to dodge again Monomin is made of tissue paper it’s not faster than either Dino it’s just a bad choice.

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Do you have Dracorex G2?


Man, I underestimated this one big time and almost lost… My nullifier was killed, then Ornito started dodging everything and got a crit on my Stegod! Had to send Indominus (which I didn’t even thought I would need) and won in my last attack, finally hitting through the evasion :fearful:


Here’s a very useful guide from metahub:


Yeah, but only at level 5.