Epic strike event



Lv26 Charlie…hmm…

Do I even stand a chance?


Yeah. Open with a velociraptor. You’ll have to sacrifice him, but then your amargocephalus will one shot him.


You can definitely do it! You get three dinos to take her down, and Charlie can’t pierce shields or armor!


Use stego’s slow and finish with T-Rex


Sure she’s strong enough?


Yes 15 is high enough


I used the apatosurium, estego, blue and rexy (levels 11,12,11 and 11 respectively) and they killed me to the east, but managed to damage it, the apatosaur was hit if I managed to damage it, so blue liquidated it.


Ludia: please repeat this one several times :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


i Start off with Velociraptor pounce then swap for Stegosaurus use thagomizer, last finish with superior strike.


i used indominus rex and won with zero damage hehe


she won’t kill, but will severely injure Charlie