Epic strike - free to replay for lesser reward?

Hello, I’m sitting around 3500 at the moment and have struggled with the last couple strike events. The trouble is I really do enjoy the challenge they offer.

Could you consider offering the strike events for free to replay up to 3 attempts after failing, but for a blue or grey reward incubator instead of the epic? Or even for no incubator, just to complete for the satisfaction of beating it? So if you get it the first time you get the epic incubator. If you try and fail the first time you can then choose to pay to try for the epic reward again (and again and again) or forfeit the pay option and just get say 3 more free attempts for minimal or no rewards?


Yeah I like this idea just as a training exercise. I don’t attempt them for the reward I just want to beat them. It would be great to have an epic reward - rare reward - common reward - no reward system. So you can have unlimited attempts at the tower but would only win self respect.
I can’t see Ludia doing it, people spend cash on these when they fail and that’s good business for them. Although happier customers might be better business also???


The epic towers would make for fun replays. Be nice to bring them back 1 at a time in game as opposed to even more strike towers spread around. Call them “classic strike events” or something along those lines.