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Epic Strike missing?

Anybody seen it yet? I’ve checked virtually my entire town and not seen it anywhere. Is it missing or did the placement algorithm screw me over?


From what I can tell, no. Nobody else has seen it either.

So i was right. I knew there should be an epic strike today.

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No sign of an epic strike here or with a couple alliance-mates

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We are all missing out on Nasuto and Turtle and 15k coins… :frowning:


@Ned @E.D This is unfortunate and needs to be dealt with

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Same here…
A lot of scent strikes(all Outside my Range)
But no epic

They updated the schedule recently so I’m hoping they get to it

I’ve found this just out of range, it’s the grey and yellow tower but the expert difficulty

That’s the trial strike tower. The one we’re talking about is the one that gives an epic incubator if you beat it.

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I have check my town as well and nothing! Was definitely looking forward to that today!

@moderators Can anyone give us an update as to what’s going on with this?

Ned or someone needs to get on this

My bad I missed that. Maybe it’ll come out later? I’ve noticed the incubators have been staggered with their release times recently. Or it seems like it anyway

I have 3 common strikes a rare scent. Even if it is there it’s not anywhere on my map

Can’t see one either

They better get to it before 10 pm hits (EST)

If you’re talking about the second reset they currently have in place, than no, it won’t. Since the epic strike fills a double slot with a rare strike, it’ll be completely replaced with said rare strike after the second reset. If we don’t get it before then, a LOT of players will be upset about the situation.


Guys. It’s been merged. We’re being listened to

Sara merged the topics. Please help us