Epic Strike Penalty

Does anyone else think that the failing penalty for Epic towers is far too extreme? I mean 200 hard cash is a lot, especially if you are playing for free. I think it should be something like a 100 or have two attemps instead of just one. What is your opinion?


There should definitely be more attempts. At LEAST 2.

I mean you have white strike towers with level 1-3 dinos that give THREE attempts. Not even a brand new player needs that for those lol


Well the grey strike towers start at 50 and the blue start at 100, so the yellow starting at 200 is expected.

What’s worse is how the price ratchets up exponentially; 2nd retry is 500 and the next is 1000, and considering how many of these epic strike events feature dinos with high crit chances… yeah it’s a bit ridiculous. I get that it should be more challenging, but this seems more punishing.

Well is not about what is expected, is wether or not is fair or not

That’s true, but when has Ludia ever been fair with their pricing strategy?

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Because many people will pay for 200 cash for a retry on gold event, I’ve once retried twice, that’s 700 cash in total. It doesn’t feel good to pay for these towers, but if you have a chance to beat them, you still will. :joy:

It takes a ton of tries even with the escalation to equal what is the cost of the incubator. From that perspective the idea the retries are too expensive are stupid. It’s still a gift even at X (?) number of retries?

But that said it would’ve better I think if they allowed a few fails without cost. At least one.

With the hate RNG gets it would be neat to let folks with chancy teams to turn this to their benefit in this instance.

One free retry would be nice - have only spent 200 twice, one was successful, one wasn’t and didn’t try again.

It’s costs me 4340 to buy an epic Inc from the the shop, so can’t really moan at the 200 for the retry if it comes to it.
I am happy to pay 200 for a epic Inc?

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Hello carl

What you say is true for people who invest money but for those who do not invest, getting 200 bills implies, at least 8 days gathering all the incubators daily and reaching the maximum in searches. I also think that there should be more free attempts and that the next attempts were cheaper.

Here’s the thing; an incubator is a set cost for what is essentially a lottery. You’ll get a selection of random dna within the limits of the theme of the incubator. This can either be really good for you or give you nothing, it’s a gamble, which is why I dont by them.

With strike towers; there is no set price. With bad luck you could lose indefinitely, ratcheting the price well beyond that of an incubator, and you’d still only be getting a lottery of what dna you’d get. I’t one gamble on top of another, especially since the majority of lvl 30 events have featured dinosaurs with a 20% crit chance at least.

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I’m quit winning all goldies a month ago when I’ve spent 700 green (succeed that one), but next fail I’ve learned to be more patient - so I decided to pass it by, success - good, fail - okay, may be next time :wink:

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When you want someone money so badly you’re going to cheat right Ludia? :thinking:

It’s seems to be what JWA’s AI can’t do the math against the invincibility shield because I see it during all two golden strike towers (first one end up with getting me loose just with one duno killed at my team :exploding_head:, but I was able to make it through to the win with second one)

One thing I learned today was, do not attempt an epic strike when you first wake up. WTH was I thinking. Needless to say I lost very ungracefully. So I dropped 200 and won it easily just now. Got my 15k coins and almost 4000 galli dna and even got just over 300 Blue dna.

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Yeah, wake up battles very often let’s say not perfect :roll_eyes:

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