Epic strike today

Which dinos are in strike today?

level 30 irritator and level 30 kapro. i hear that kapro starts then switches t2.

Could someone post the stats please

@MNBrian will probably post an article soon. hopefully. its rather easy though since irri does rtc.

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For me it started with irritator and without any attack (no RTC no nothing) swap-in kapro.
In this case it is better to start with suchotator I guess.

Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:



Thank you!!

courtesy of madmax


Irritator starts might attack first then switch to kapro

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Thank you, let’s plan this.

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So start with Spinotasuchus Critical Impact then Lethal Wound.

L20 Velociraptor and a Utahraptor killed them.
Mine did not swap.

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It started with Irritator DSS then swap. Karpa comes in SIA.

Did it with Utasinoraptor (20), Sinotasucus (20)

So if irritator starts with R2C followed by DSI it could potentially do 4226 with the one hit. Keep that in mind if considering Indominus as a starter.
I assume it will swap to Kapro but sometimes the worst happens. It definitely happen last week.

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Started with 23 pyrittor brought irritator to 3500! Pyrittor survive irritator first attack hit it again down to 1100 (aprox) swap to kapro. Kapro SWA killed her! I brought in Tanycolegrus 24 I took out Kapro with 3 attacks and she died! Finished with 21 trystonix no sweat against low health irritator!

In the most likely even that Irritaor starts with DSI then swap in Kapro expect 3094 damage (without critical)

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My strategy was using faster dinosaurs with decent attack!

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A L20 Pyirritator should survive a DSI followed by swap in Kapro but a L19 won’t.
(If the first attack is distracted these two hits total 2155)

L26 Indor, same level stegod and megalo in that order is what I’m thinking. Really don’t want to count on the evade working though.

its super easy. just remember that its going to swap in kapro after you take your hit. that swap in hit takes alot of health from you and if you started with spinotosuchus its going down before you get another hit. so i would go suchotator probably. either way, i did it with just spinotosuchus and diloracherius. only lost spinotosuchus

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