Epic strike today

Swap in hit will do 1216 damage (crits aside)

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Does kapros cleanse work on bleed, silly question, but I don’t use bleeders.

cleanse would but he goes down quickly.

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i think debuffers are the way to go

Got irritator first it r2c, I used lvl 19 Spinotasuchus lethal wound(lucky crit :sunglasses:).
Then swoop to lvl 16 drac gen2 sia dsr!! (hammer of god 4 life :joy:)
drac 1 shot as irritate explodes from stacked bleeds.
Lvl 23 Indo raptor cleans up kapro 1 v 1 with dodge and dsr crit

My Dino’s are decent levels so this won’t help everyone but a simple Stegodeus (L25) Rampage on irritator followed by Thag on Kapro and Rampage again will get its health low enough for Dracorex G2 (L18) to swap in and take out Kapro. Strike against irritator and he will be minus a rampage and strike so ~ 3119hp remaining. Swap to Suchotator lethal folllwod by instant distraction if possible then when Suchotator dies bring in Spinotasuchus lethal then swoop into Draco again and surely the guys dead by now if not finish with Spinotasuchus or Stegodeus, this should do it easy.
It’s just the first part you need high levels for. After Kapros dead it should take care of itself. I’m jinxing myself I know it.

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Basic jist bleed irritator and with Kapro hit it real hard and fast! Don’t bleed kapro as it has a cleanse move!

Looks like a tough one. I have no idea what strategy I should use. Bleeding wouldn‘t be useful if AI would go for swap out or cleaning.
Tanks aren‘t that good also if opponent uses DSI and gets also a crit.

Hmmm I‘m thinking of Spinotahsuchus, Monostegotops, Utasinoraptor and perhaps Indom. What would you say?

Bleed is not that great if it’s just going to swap out though

True might be more sure fire to down one of them before bringing bleeder out! I got lucky! Indo rap is definetly good counter for both also as long as rngeezus is on your side!


PS how good is swoop to Draco g2! Like combo designed for strike tower :grin:

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Would if make sense to use tanks like Brachiosaurus? With slowing down and stuff?

Start with Stegod:
1: Ss the Irritator
2: Thagomizer>> then swap comes the Kapro
3: rampage and get a shot (hope survives)
4: Ss again and die
5: get a raptor(Utahsino/pyrritator/Veloci) and finish of Kapro. Utasino is the best bet here. He can crit and have a distraction shot ready for Irritator
6: assuming Utahsino: distract Irritator. Take a blow and if survives, get Instant charge
7: if you got the stun, shot with Critical. Hope this should take care of Irritator.
8: if not, make sure you got another raptor/Suchotator/Spinotasuchus/stegoceretop(at least lvl 20)/Monostego(at least 19)/whatever which can withstand at least a blow from Irritator.


Against kapro not such bad idea, it’s only got ds strike. Irritator can munch tanks though

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Since this one is a repeat there’s an article on Metahub already :slight_smile:


It was my lucky day,

Stegodeus lv16
Utahsinoraptor lv16
Spinohraptor lv14
Tryostronix lv16

Started with Stegod.
Irritator swaped immediatly, so SS, Thagomizer and devastation on Kapro.
Utah time, so distracting impact and it was done.
Here it comes the Irritator, I tried to stun it, but failed.
Spinohraptor time, distracting rampage, lethal wound and time for the Tryostronix to tank and let the wound do its work.
I couldn’t believe it myself.

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It’s strange but I still do not know how the critics are calculated. In this case it would be:

1252 * 1, 5 (hit) * 1.5 (increase) * 1.5 (critical) = 4226


1252 * 1, 5 + 0.5 (1252 * 1.5) + 0.5 (1252 * 1.5) = 3756

I thought it was this second

It’s the first one no?

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Super easy event. I completed it with:
Lv 26 suchotator
Lv 20 delta
Lv 15 dimodactylus

Suchotator doesn’t need to be that high level, after I finished it, it didn’t even take one hit.

First I sent in my suchotator, opponent start with irritator, I went for lethal wound, opponent goes for RTC.

Then opponent swapped, I also swapped into my dimodactylus, opponent’s kapro did swap in strike and didn’t kill my flyer, I did lethal wound, opponent used ferocious impact to kill my flyer. After this turn, the kapro is almost dead due to wound.

Finally I brought in delta, strike kill kapro, and pounce and impact and run killed opponent’s irritator. Irritator had high health but it’s already been bled for 1 turn, so delta finished the job.

I also had indoraptor as my fourth Dino for safety measure, but I didn’t even need it. You can bring in a invincibility bug Dino to trigger the bug in case things went wrong.

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Not pretty, but may help others