Epic strike today


Erldiom cloak>rampage. AI swaps. Dead kapro. Irri back in. Hit and run to stegod. Then stegod thago >rampage. Game over


Where you get that schedule?


Ludia posts it on Twitter every week


Sad for me, i don’t have tweet.
Btw thank justin.


On Facebook too


I dont even folow ludia on facebook suprisingly. Probaly should start doing that


24 green chicken soloed it.


From Twitter, it Usually came out ard Sunday night.


Done with just using lvl 16 Spinotasuchus and lvl 11 Dimodactylus.
Start with Spinotasuchus with lethal wound, took a hit but survive.
Swap in Dimo as gym will swap in Kapro.
Dimo took a hit but survive with also hitting Kapro with bleeding swap in move.
Dimo go again with lethal wound and died with Kapro almost dead.
Spinotasuchus back with strike kill Kapro.
Irritator back and Spinotasuchus use lethal wound again and both dead together.

Just standby a fast damaging raptor.


Well my and the strike tower team both died in the end so it should be a draw. But it says defeated and now I have to pay 200 green cash for trying. Is it a bug and I should try later or I pay and do it


If you draw in strike it count as lose, so be careful.


Done it with indo rex,utasinoraptor and tryostronix
Got 25 pyroraptor and 290 stagymoloch dna


I dont know How start : stegodeus lv 16 Carnage, thago, carnage like.
Or suchochator lv 16, Distracting and bleeder

I have dimodactilus (hibrid from dimorphodon) i add him in my team and i swap? When ? During kapro swap if i use sucho ? Or before my stegodeus die ?

My indominus lv 19 can work ? I only have spinoraptor lv 13 It’s fine for finish/bleeder or i go on my pyroraptor lv 15? Im very lost


Here my try, was surprised by the instant swap in of kapro but turned well after all.


My son and I both succeeded.
I used I rex (20), Pyrritator (17), Indoraptor (22)
I rex cloaked and rampaged, dodge failed on Irritator’s DSS, but dodged the SIS of Kapro which swapped in. Killed Kapro, Irritator came and killed I rex. Pyrritator used Distracting Rampage, APR and APS. It died leaving Irritator with 1.5k HP. Finished with Indoraptor.
My son used Stegodeus (21), Pyrritator (16) and Indoraptor (23)
Stegodeus used Rampage, Irritator used DSS, then Thagomizer, Kapro swapped in and was slowed. Went on with Rampage. The rest is similar to my battle.


Won first try with Stegod 20, Dimodactylus 13 and Postosuchus 19… The Dimo tactics seems to be the best option… just need to be careful not to do it on kapro before it uses cleansing


Didn‘t get a second chance. Barely seen a golden tower, then Owen blocked me and finally O2 decided to abandon me.


I Duo’d it with spino lvl 21 and dilocheirious lvl 22