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Epic strike tower 06/03/2020

If I remember correctly, today should start the epic strike tower with 7 battles. However, I don’t see it anywhere around me. And during my 30km commute just now, I didn’t see one either.

Am I wrong or am I just extremely unlucky?!


I’m not seeing it. I haven’t started my daily route yet, but I usually see everything from my house even if not in range.

Not a single one on sight.

same here can’t see any on my map

I can’t see one either.

Zip, zilch, nada, diddly squat, sweet fanny adams …

@Ned Could you be a stellar chap and speak to the team for us - pesky epic strike tower appears to be AWOL

Our team is currently looking into this. Thanks, everyone!


Thanks @ned, is it likely to be up today?

It may appear at night, since I have seen the other 3 battle towers that were today.

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I haven’t seen any at all this week, and this week I’ve been traveling all over the place.

Yeah on a Sunday they used to show up a bit later in the uk but I have seen the other strikes. Just had around 10 of the same strike around my house though

That’s maybe because you’ve been busy giving me a solid beating? Just kidding. GG!

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Why does this keep happening with the good strikes? If we HAVE to have a strike fail to show up have it happen to the tiny lvl5 strike that gives buck all for rewards. Instead it happens to the biggest strikes in the week. :confused:


Always cool to battle familiar faces!

Epic strike event is up after restart!
EDIT: Or not.
It’s a single step epic strike.

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I bet that’s the right one. I’m not complaining, I hate the multi-step ones haha


Welp if it is a mistake they better not take away my rewards

@Ned I don’t have an epic strike on the map and I lost the boost strike

So @Ned any confirmation if it was a 1 step or 7step strike?