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Epic Strike Tower 06-25-21

I was able to defeat this tower with just a 21 Utarinex and 21 Compsocaulus.

This was my choices to do this tower:

Screenshot_20210625-093210_JW Alive

Basically, distracting impact, then rampage n run to Compy’s that have swap in 100% distraction.

Compy’s finished off the first and the last two, surprisingly, but was prepared to use the other two.


I defeated it with this.
Put in thyla to bleed. Ended up getting bary to killing range and thy died I put dodo. Killed bary then bary g2 came in. Got him low and I had one dodo left. He swapped to irri g2 for SIDS and dodo died. Indom revenge cloaked then rampage. Bary g2 came in I cloaked again he hit through my cloak but didn’t 2nd time round. Rampaged and killed.

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I savaged all with my level 23 revenge erlikospyx

I used these guys. Didn’t really took much effort, I just made sure I used creatures with distraction so I wouldn’t take much damage. Only lost Sucho and never got to use Gamma.
Edit: Now that I remember, the battle did took longer than expected because Bary 1 kept swapping into Bary Gen 2 and Irri Gen 2 and I was starting to get frustrated lol

I can’t get a shot of my team (I actually don’t remember it), but I remember Spinoconstrictor doing a heck of a lot of work, taking out Bary’s 1&2 as well as Irri G2 with just a sliver of health left.

Mine’s level 21 and (I think) unboosted. If it is boosted, then it’s probably only one stat.

Speaking of which, I did have my Tenrex pop in to hit Bary 1 with Distracting Impact.

I used Rinex, Magna and Spyx

Erlindom, Magna, Thor all off them are Level 24