Epic Strike Tower 2nd attempt


I created a seperate topic for those who are specifically attempting it their 2nd time.
My team: Spinotasuchus (17), Dimorphodon (4), Suchotator (19), Suchomimus (14)
Battle Proceeding:
Dilorano came out first

  • Spino uses lethal wound
  • Dilorano uses SS
  • I swap to dimorphodon -> SIW takes effect
  • Dilorano uses DI. Dimorph dies.
    Dilorano dies from bleeding…JUST (a lv16 spinotasuchus may not deal enough damage to kill it on lethal wound)

The green chicken comes out
I send suchotator out

  • Dilo uses SS
  • Suchotator uses lethal wound
  • I switch to suchomimus -> SIW takes effect
  • Dilo uses SS and sucho survives
    Dilo dies from bleeding

The best strat for mid-level players, even on the first attempt, is definitely to bleed. For some people they don’t run whilst for others they do, so bleeding is the best bet.




Yes but Dilorano here used SS, not distracting :sweat_smile: this was the reason I was not able to beat him on turn 2 with dimodattilo Sia… nevermind… I will do better next time! :relaxed:


Unpredictable I have lost twice this epic strike…:joy:
Bad strategy and wrong choose dinos…


I feel you my friend… :hugs:


Sometimes they run sometimes they don’t, so bleeding is the best bet? What that doesn’t make sense.
I’m bitter as hell about this one. Ai swapped on turn Two three times I was obliterated


@SaraCuriosa congrats yours thropy has climb up to 4000 thropy.:grin:


Yes back to 4.000!! :star_struck: Hope to slowly climb this time, I created a bunch of new dinos but of course I need to have fun, primarerly. This new update is the funniest with arena battles so far for me.
What about you?


I like this new update, New dinos and new rules about they skill. I enjoy the battle eventhough lot have losen.i have new unique and hope fuse Dioraja or utarinex soon.I hope you get new dinos whom strength your deck and you can climb up to 4500 thropy. Good luck Sara…


Thanks and I whish all the best for you too!