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Epic strike tower bosses leaked


lvl30 rare dilo and lvl30 pyro

3 step tower:
one step is: lvl19 rare dilo lvl20 epic mono lvl 21 procera


Looks easier than last week to me. :slight_smile:
That lvl 30 Dilo/Pyro Duo could be interesting tho. I think SS moves and tanks should be the key. Maybe I even take out my Stegodeus again after she‘s been catching dust in the past.


nice :slight_smile: well a lvl30 pyro has 2 735 hp so any ss+dracoceratops can get the job done or SS + APR if stegod :stuck_out_tongue:
Dilopho on the other hand has 4 558 hp so it is a bit tricky :smiley: maybe a bleeder would be useful as well


Easy, level 30 Erlidom, one shot


Looks pretty achievable for this week.


:smiley: great, now I only have to unlock her and level up in a few days, challenge accepted :sweat_smile:


Doesn’t seem too bad. Especially considering these bot dilos use nullifying first so u don’t even really need an immune or cleanse to counter them. A decent level velociraptor should be able to deal huge damage before it dies since it pounces before the other dino attacks, which means u can survive a hit thanks to distract from the pounce.


SS, Rampage, SS, Rampage. Done.


Stegod hasnt had apr for a long time. But yes ss>regular rampage kills pyro lol

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What do yu plan on using to ss>rampage a 4500+ hp dilo :thinking: suppose tenontorex can at a level 25 or higher. Thats about it


Time to pray that Indominus doesn’t fail her cloaks again.


And pray that dilo doesnt null you :joy:


You’re not wrong lmao.

I’ll probably lead with either my Tyrannosaurus or something else to try and just make it cadaverific.


It was a slightly sarcastic comment talking about how generic the strategy will be to kill them. But my Stegod can do 3500dmg with an SS/Rampage at 29 so Pyro is doneso, and Dilo wont be far behind.


If he starts with dilo, then either stegod or trago. Ss then rampage and then get killed by the next guy. Throw in spinotasuchus to bleed. Then another tank to SS and rampage to finish him off.


Didnt sense the sarcasm. Oops but yea. My stegod does 3720. Im gunna use it regaldless. Easy work

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What your dinos again? I think you can do it without luck no?


Personally going with stegodeus 20 , raptor 20 and procerathomimus 17 or 18. Should be easy.


I plan on using suchotator, Dracoceratops, velociraptor, and Procerathomimus for boss
Might replace something with Alanqa though lol

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Imma use Stegodeus Level 20, Nodopatotitan Level 16, Suchotator Level 18 and Postimetrodon Level 20.

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