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Epic strike tower bosses this week May 15


Thanks for the heads up mate!

Looks like Thor, Suchie and Purutaur getting called in for action!

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Ah yes Sinoceratops.

Our battle will be legendary.

Do we get 400 Sino DNA from it? Or is the 200 DNA glitching out on the pic?

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This is easy level wise… I can barely think of anyone that I can use off the bat… Maybe Utahsino, Sucho and DC? My Utahsino is faster and stronger than Delta, so I might be able to one-shot her if she goes out first… And stays out lol. Defos might pull out my slightly boosted Tryo (Nicknamed Troxi) for that immunity. Well then. I think I got my team down. But my Troxi us a little underleveled…

I’ve faced the 3 step epic with low level legendarys so that should be easy

For the 3 lvl 30 I’m thinking about suchotator, 2 sia bleeders and a boosted thor.

With this plan I avoid all the stun except if thor doesn’t stun …

Knives & Hammer :+1: should do the job

Which dino is Knives?

So wait. Instead of not getting Rare DNA, this time we won’t get any COMMON DNA?:man_facepalming:

We get 6283 DNA… 304 epic and 516 rare so left around 5000 common DNA maybe minus 400 sino DNA

Right. I forgot that common DNA doesn’t have a guaranteed minimum. But than why does it show Sino twice? :thinking:

Anything that bleeds :slight_smile:

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This one is a bit tricky though with all those stuns

I’m hoping that the themed incubator will help me to finally unlock Pachycephalosaurus. :crossed_fingers:

Not quite sure what to do with the bosses! Oof…all those stunning moves! :grimacing:

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True - which would tend to point to heavy hitting immunes …

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For those who have high lvl (or boosted or both) tryo and magna it should be easy but the others…

Thinking open with suchotator lvl 22 (at least lvl 20 should work too) bleed then swap to a sia bleeder that dies with the opponent, sucho back in and bleed again then swap to another sia bleeder that dies too with the opponent and finish the last dino with speed boosted thor (at least tier 2)

Sucho can survive if no crits on him

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Thanks for the heads up.