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Epic strike tower - damage free!

Today is the first time i’ve ever done an epic tower without receiving a single attack against me. Even with boosted Thor before 2.0 there was still at least one hit against me.

Today I used Utarinex. Luck was also on my side as none of the swap-in stuns actually stunned me. But still not a single hit!

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I was wondering if that epic strike was today. I don’t see a single one of them.
Congrats on the perfect win.

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I barely see one epic strike far away @Qiew.

Congrats @GPx.

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I don’t see any strike towers at all for the second day running

I completed it by just using quetzorion

I seen a scent strike and what looks to be a goldfish glow in the distance…why arent there any nearby? There usually always is one close enough to get to

There are LOADS of strike towers around me. Too many, more strike towers than regular stops… But they’re all the common or scent strikes. Wish they’d go away after completion


Not even the instant rampage ? That’s weird,AI swap out immediately I suppose.

Like the others, only one epic strike tower in sight but not in range so …

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But did you see THIS?!

Havent seen a single epic strike today:-)

You’re talking about which epic tower? I’ve seen only flightless bird epic tower and as far as I know none of bird got swap in stun ability :thinking:

Did Phorusrhacos not start and use Instant Rampage?

Phorusaura started for me and used instant rampage on turn 1. There is a lot of swapping in this tower at least that was for me. Lol :rofl::tired_face::disappointed_relieved:

Phorusaura has swap in stun.

Phorusrhacos has swap in dodge.

Kelenken has swap in dodge.


Yeah had this too and it was very close in the end but AI made a mistake. :slight_smile:

I‘m still wondering how it could be possible to win this tower without receiving any damage. :thinking:

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Strike went very well.

Calculated Phorusaura Rampage and Run at 3646. I had Stygidaryx at level 21 which was 3526 HP, not enough for a hit & run from it. So pumped it up to 22 which gave me 3702 HP. Didn’t need it though, it just swapped after the Instant Rampage. I had watched videos of it going either way so better safe than paying for a retry.

Lineup: 22 Stygi first slot, 22 Smilo second, 22 Tryko third and 21 Geminititan anchor; just in case I had troubles with all the Evasives and needed that 1097 Nullifying Strike.

I started with Smilonemys and swapped right into Stygi. Took the instant Rampage from Phorusaura with my SI invincibility and it swapped right into… I don’t remember, they all look the same to me. I Cleansing swooped into Smilonemys, stun took and I and hit Long Defensive Strike.

After that it was strike for the shield them Precise Pounce every other turn. Didn’t need to put a third in, Smilonemys still had some health left at the end. I did get lucky and critted through Evasive once when I shielding striked. Wouldn’t have mattered though, I had more than enough health left for another round. It seemed like a level 21 Smilo might have been able to do it. Stygi survived with no loss of HP.

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At least one of them does have swap-in stun and it swapped in twice and failed to stun me.

Smilonemys is immune to stuns.

One pic from iPad account. Epic strike tower in view.
Next pic android account. Epic strike tower is boost strike tower.
On android, I can’t find an epic strike tower anywhere.

Ohk my bad. I didn’t know that one of them has swap in stun ability.