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Epic strike tower - damage free!

Oh man, those murder ostriches were working me good! Switching around with evasion and stuff. I had dispatched my White Shadow (Indo G2) first to deal with the evasion, right with the Phosurasaur. Forgot completely about the Instant Rampage, and when she died, my whole strategy was thrown off balance xDDD

But thank Jebuz for my Monosteg! She was putting in work! Stunning and distracting everything in sight - and then in the last stretch, I just switched to Tryko. I was genuinely afraid that I was gonna lose with all the stuns that the red turkey was dishing out. But I made it!

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it tried and died just as quick… lol
i mangled it big time by using a slightly higher speed * suchotator * with bleed attack, its HP went downhill fast after that move used it again on other 2 dinos, then it was just a case of getting out the mop and bucket to clean up the blood from all the mangled remains of their bodies lying all over the place once i had chomped them out of existence
final score 3 kills to me 1 to the strike tower lol
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No-one besides you mentioned Smilonemys.

Not even Instant Rampage?

Nope, if you think about it, the AI follows a turn-based process. So when one of them swapped in and the stun failed on me, I then hit them back. Then I used my priority stun, which successfully stunned the AI. That would have normally been their “instant rampage” turn.

Because their instant rampage turn was stunned, the next turn I attacked again but they didn’t instant rampage because the AI had moved to their next stage of the turn-based process.

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Damn, that costed me in first try without uniques. Should just Nullify Phorusaura with Yoshi after it used R & R on Nodotitan and couldn’t swap. Expected another IR, so I used ID. Till then I was doing great with lvl 20 Nodotitan. Had also lvl 19 Yoshi, lvl 25 DC and lvl 22 Sucho. Yoshi would stay full health and I would probably beat it easily. Did it second time with Stegodeus 24 and Tryko 27 easily.
Good to know for next time that they don’t repeat moves.

For me Phorusaura started. It’s first move was Instant Rampage. That’s why I asked.

Ah for me first move was a swap in.