Epic strike tower, post your findings!


Wow, can’t wait till there’s a full team to face, this was fun!

Thanks Ludia!


What Dinos did you face?3 or 4?


1 level 26 Blue, very doable. Edit: Charlie, blue was the reward… my apologies.


Thx,going right now.


12,158 coin

2539 Deinocheirus DNA
2727 Tanycolagreus DNA
9 Ornithomimus DNA – really?!?
527 Erlikosaurus DNA
177 Blue DNA
142 Pyroraptor DNA



I had a level 26 Charlie (I’m a level 10 player). Got 10k+ coins, a chunk or common and rare speedy boi DNA, and enough epic to level up my Blue and Pyro!


I got one level 26 Charlie.
About 2500 tanycolagreus
3000 velociraptor
300 gallimimus
250 erlikosaurus
52 blue
200 pyroraptor


I fought a level 26 Charlie and two shotted with a Diloranosaurus. What I got from the epic incubator.

-12158 coins
-2667 velociraptor
-2599 tanycolagreus
-222 charlie
-315 delta
-52 pyroraptor
-266 blue

Need as much velociraptors as I can get, thank you!! :grin:


great event, ludia showed off


I just want rex rewards :joy: my 18 indom is ugly i need his step sister


Got pretty much the same as everyone else , what an amazing treat :grin:


Can’t wait for more of them. Got the same as everyone else but no galli😢


I want to complain about all the Tany I’ll never use, but hey - free DNA is free DNA. I won’t sniff at it. XD


When he’s over-leveled, that Tany is a pain in the bottom…


Same, rexy or velociraptors is all I really need right now. Still got a long ways to go in getting indom’s better looking step sister


I was just happy with this :joy:


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My Tanycolagreus is Level 18 and does some serious damage - its nullifying impact is the perfect Indominus counter and does enough damage that the next can finish it off.


Well did the Epic Strike Tower. I got excited seeing the amounts of Velociraptor dna you guys were getting, but I ended up rather disappointed.

8,842 Coins
3,549 Tanycolagreus
286 Velociraptor
384 Charlie
7 Erlikosaurus Gen 2
214 Pyroraptor
11 Blue

Generally disappointed, no idea if it has anything to do with levels? I’m level 7, unfortunately became level 8 after I did the tower.

Was pleased with the dna for Pyroraptor as it was enough to lvl it 2 times.

But still it is free dna for an easy fight, so that’s good. :smiley:


Blue… 4 DNA… yes FOUR