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Epic Strike Tower (Saturday 23rd March)


It is all 4! Faced Blue, Charlie and then Echo and Delta were playing swap in and out - only need to kill 3 though.


Well don’t keep us in stitches what happened and what did you use


@Pepito_Aie tanks did the job - L25 Monostego took out Blue and Charlie then L27 Stegod coupled with L26 Dracocera took out the third - could have just done it with Stegod but like the dramatic flair of the rat. Would have thought significantly lower tanks could do it.


prepare for ppl complaining that in the image there are only 3 of them, and that blue doesnt show


Would lvl22 tryko be a good opener?

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What level is your Stegodeus


Blue first with Shield; not sure what moves followed for Blue and Charlie. Delta and Echo did move, swap, move swap …

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Not sure - the advantage of the tanks I used is that they both slow - so I removed their speed advantage with the first shot.


You think a 22 Monosteg will work or should I go with a 26 sucho


L27 but wouldn’t have thought it needs to be anywhere near that especially if you have a rat as backup.

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Problem is both my monostego and stegodeus are level 20, not sure how they’ll handle blues shield

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Blue is out first: short defense, pounce, strike, pounce, short defense
Charlie: pounce, crit impact, pounce, strike, pounce, crit impact, pounce, strike
Echo: cleansing impact
Delta: swapped in pounce
swapped back to echo
swapped back to delta
swapped back to echo
swapped back to delta

Tower is glitchy lol

Post battle notification:


I opted for Monstego over Sucho - slow, stun, whatever … is a great set of moves

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Maybe I will keep Sucho as a backup


Don’t recall any of their attacks critting - the Echo/Delta dance off is just hilarious …

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they swap manually? so they give you free hits?

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Free hits lol

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Stegod intensifies


nicee, so just by taking out two, you take the third easily


Mine did get some moves in between swaps - I lost track of who was who and just hit whoever appeared next with the rat … :slight_smile: