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Epic strike tower should be Blue Team rewards

According to the weekly event’s graphic, the epic strike today should feature Blue Team rewards (Compy!). In the game, however, it is still Red Team rewards.


Thanks, Piere87! I’ll check with our team.


Exactly ! I got the red one again

Of course they did. :man_facepalming:

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Came here to post this exact same thing. Didn’t realize it wasn’t the blue team until it was too late (last incubator). How is this going to work?

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Works that they investigate (because clearly finding out the pointer points at the wrong item requires 1d30 days of efforts). Then possibly something happens (compensation in the mail IF you passed the wrong strike). Or not. In any case, completing the tower asap is the best call (past life teaches us this)

Hey @Ned, any updates?

This is so dissapointing! I have been waiting all week for this strike tower in the hopes that i’d get Compsognathus DNA. I don’t know whether to complete this red one just in case it swaps to a blue one. I’d be so gutted if i completed it got red rewards and then it changed to blue. At the same time i don’t want to leave it and not get those rewards. Hopefully we get an update on what’s happening with this.
Wouldn’t have minded if we got double blue instead of double red xD

Wait, what’s going on?

I was doing the Gold Strike Tower with Blue rewards. With only 2 steps left, the game stopped letting me click to start the next battle.

I restarted the app, and now that closeby tower has completely disappeared, replaced by towers with Red rewards off in the distance…

Because they haven’t put out a blue tower yet. Makes you laugh really.

The exact same thing happened to me

Blue is out now.

Thanks for the extra 30k+ coins though. Really makes up for the lion thing.

Sad as usual for everyone working or sleeping though.

Hey DPG members, the correct reward should be appearing for the Summer Sports Strike now. You might need to close/relaunch your game for the change to be applied.

Correct reward yup, but the opponents are red team ones… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


:sweat_smile: I’ll bring this up with our team! @GPx

Hope it gets fixed today

It is fixed.

It gave 6 incubators for 7 battles (nothing for win 4) instead of 3 incubators for 7 battles. Twice of course. Great day. Not sure this was intended.

Great I didn’t get the blue tower in range but the red tower was in range and I did that one.:frowning:

The Blue tower is still there and will be there throughout the weekend.