Epic strike tower


what dinosaur/s do you have to fight in the epic strike tower?

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Gorgosuchus Lvl 24
IRex Lvl 25
Indoraptor Lvl 26

I finished it with spinotasuchus 19 and Stegod 27


Real scary!!! Do you remember what order they came?


I started with spinotasuchus - critical impact
Indoraptor used cleanse attack
I used lethal wound
Indoraptor killed spinotasuchus and died along with it

In came IRex. I used Stegod
Used cloak right of the bat.
I used Shield
Rest is usual.

Lastly gorgosuchus
Thagomizered and then APR

Got wonderful DNA though

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Indoraptor lead and got 2 crits. That summed up my day tbf. I prefer them being hard, however that was hard.


Good that you got Lvl27 StegoGod.


Indo came out first 3 critical in a row I didn’t even get one hit in… cloaking on my indominus failed killed in one shot… evasive on my indoraptor failed killed in one shot… stegod… killed in one shot… did the same to me on the last EPIC tower with indo and alankylosaurus… twice…I wil not be spending cash on a second try this time… thinking about canceling my VIP cause this nonsense pisses me off and I can’t afford hundreds of dollars to get ahead and be on top like everybody else omg I’m so mad :rage::rage:


I like that the epic towers are hard. But I can’t help but feel they are a cash grab. 200 to retry then 500. No ta.


I remember from the last time, when we get a dino that can slow down the Indo, then there was a swap(obviously Alanklyo got SIA). Will that be happening now?

Two attempts lost both 3 to 2 gutted unless your team can take more than 2 hits or you can take them out with a crit or you want to see if you get lucky with cloak I wouldn’t bother


3 dinos of those levels are really scary. Feels like fighting someone in the top 250.
Wonder how many people would be able to clear this tower!!

Having RNG on your side would be a huge criteria for this one :roll_eyes:

Will wait for others to confirm how their attempt went. Also, if possible what are the moves Indoraptor took (assuming it is the first dino and starts with cleansing move)?

I am thinking to start with Spinotasuchus, Lethal Wound followed by Swoop… Err…Maybe wait for others to share their experience first :smiley:

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I heard Indo cleanses first so why not start with Stegod, let him cleanse first, thago, 2x should finish it off?

Just did the math … nevermind. My level 25 stegod still wont get it done.

If he does cleanse first would it make sense to bring suchotator in first and do bleed after the cleanse?


I can’t reach the new strike event that is epic. What creatures do you face? I just says use nullefying and immune and high HP. Indoraptor, INDOMINUS? IDK… does somebody know?


Ty! What levels?

Indoraptor comes out first hits with a crit cleansing.
Level 20 suchotator barely survives but uses leathal wound before being eaten by a DSR.
Level 18 Monomimus comes in to clean up the mess.
Kills indo with nullifying strike.
Indominus comes out and mono uses evasive stance. distracted Indominus misses. Indominus uses cloak. Monomimus nullifies. Then distracting hit. And kills the indominus with a nullifying strike.
Gorg enters. Monomimus uses distracting. Gorg still eats monomimus.
Enter level 18 monoceratops. Gorg DSRs monoceratops and it survives with 341 health. Hit with a slow and a nullifying and Gorg is down.
/fin. Happy Halloween


@wrothgar… Make a video of it bud! And post it please. Thank u!


It kicked my arse.