Epic Strike Towers - Ruined by Boosts

Some things should only be available to those who have but some effort in …

I am surprised that they don’t exist already to be honest. I do fully expect to see them now and again at some point in the not too distant future.


@LudiaDevelopers only see $$$… so in their eyes… $$$ > effort


Sad :sob: but true

I guarantee boosted strikes will be a thing in the future. Ludia wont tolerate easy strikes for long. We’re in the “Enjoy it while it lasts” period atm.

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Ludia could add an option to disable boosts while battling a strike tower, and offer increased rewards for doing so.

Those who wish to use boosted dinosaurs, like me when I use my Noodle that has been boosted to viability.
And those who wish for more of a challenge and chance at better rewards.


You can always choose lesser dinos and make it a challenge.
Me personally? I just want to do no research and grab the incubator on the first time go.
I’m all time management.
But I guarantee you could pick a challenging team if you wanted to.

When you do those strike towers with lower level dinos and share your strategy and videos on this forum, you are encouraging a whole new generation of player and adding to the health of the community.

On behalf of all newer players, I thank you.


Thank you for the kind words. I’ll try my best to do it as much as I can but sometimes it’s just not possible and I have to use some of my uniques or boosted dinos.

Yes, let’s take away boosts so that people who are now actually able to get rewards don’t deserve to win anymore. That makes sense. Bruh.

I could not agree more. Stat boosts have an imprint everywhere, do they not?

Sometimes even if I don’t have the exact same creatures a player uses, I might still be able to figure something out. :grinning: The crit numbers to me are essential because that might influence who will be my opener. Plus I try to take notice if the creature is a armor eater or a shield breaker.
I also like knowing how the line up is going to be and what moves to expect. That may influence the order my creatures will go in.
Guides like yours and others are extremely helpful in figuring this information out. My team sometimes does really well and sometimes it struggles. The epic towers are still very exciting for me (even with boosts). Sometimes a little too exciting. :sweat_smile:

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For a split second stat boosts weren’t able to be in strike events, I am sure you guys remember the level 30 trike, sino and eino strike event do you? If you do good, then you would know what I am talking about, when I swapped to my Thor I realized that it wasn’t boosted and I lost, this was for the first break before the second one happened as I rushed to finish it because I felt like there will be a second one coming, the second break they were back, but if I am honest stat boosts just ruin the fun out of strike events, you will stomp on the bots with stat boosts but what’s the fun in that? Don’t you wanna try to put a little skill into the strike instead of just rampage through it with stat boosts?

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Not to sidetrack the discussion or anything, but the thread title cracks me up everytime I see it.

Boosts have ruined FAR more then just strike towers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep pepito is very good at analysis of towers and coming up with a strategy! And I’m sure heaps of players are helped by his videos.

I myself used to do similar videos however my devices have an issue where the recording isn’t saved, dispite having plenty of space, resulting in loss of the entire footage!
I also don’t get a lot of time for video editing anymore, but never say never hehe.

I’m saving some cash for a new device and when I get it I shall release again!

Also I know that you can choose non uniques or non boosted dinosaurs for more of a challenge, but with an option to disable boosts during a tower it will allow us to use our main squad.
I mean why not use them?

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I wanted to try recording my gameplay too and the very first time I did, I lost connection to my game. :pensive::sob: When I did the retry, I didn’t even think about trying to record it again because I was too stressed out trying to think of an alternative game plan. :grimacing:
I didn’t realize how much I would miss having certain dinosaurs on my team. T-Rex has always been my favorite since I was little and loved having her on my team. I play mostly strike towers and friendly battles now a days. All my favorites get to have some fun now. :grinning: Even Dracoceratops doesn’t scare me too much in friendly battles.

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That’s how it was before :sweat_smile: you have to lvl your team and strategize to beat those towers before, now you just boost dinos and beat them pretty easily except if you’re really low low lvl.

I doubt that would happen

We have boosted AI dinosaurs in the arena now, and even had a AI Draco rat me a couple weeks ago lol