Epic strike towers?


I guess I don’t know for sure, but I feel like I recall an epic strike tower a week for a while now… is that not happening anymore? Have they been replaced by the ‘scent strike’? - which gives you a slight chance of getting an epic scent capsule.

Anyone know anything about this?


I got an epic scent cap but no decent strike towers.

I did get a sino, 2 rexes and 1 concavenator lol plus quite afew rares so i was pleased but i miss my coins ha


They can still start tomorrow for a 2 day long strike. I hope so at least


Epic Strike towers used to originally come on Saturday. Lately, multiple Epic strike towers were added during a single week like 1 on Friday, next on Saturday.

Hope there is at least one Strike tower: a high level single attempt or multiple matches one this weekend!


We’ve gotten 2 of them a week for at least 3 weeks … I was about to make a post like this and read yours. They seem to have replaced epic strike events with scent strike events. I dislike this choice made by Ludia. All I plan on saying on the subject


The problem with the scents… I got 2 5min ones and a 20 min common from my strike events. Not remotely as helpful as an epic strike


So no epic capsule?


No, it’s random and I got unlucky
2 5min ones (same as the daily free) 1 for Monday and Wednesday scent strike
1 20min large common… for todays


I feel like the reason we recieving so many epic strikes is because of the ongoing flier event… but i will agree their has been a lack of decent strikes this week… vast majority being white strikes… with small dna rewards. I like the common scents and i can use them to target dna i actually need. But i also enjoy the more rewarding strikes and the coins… also what ever happened to red strikes. Feel like i havent seen one of those in a long time.


It’s likely that they’ve decreased number of strikes because they want us to focus on the tournament instead


They typically do one with 5-7 “waves per week”. And then they sprinkle a level 30 challenge one. We also only got one rare this week which is very unusual. We typically get 2 of those as well. All the scent canisters work for commons too in the right zone. This game is about getting outdoors, scent capsules should not be 5mins long. If you get both free ones, you get 10 more encounters. It would be nice to get at least 20-30 minutes of scents since I run that each morning. The lack of strike events worth doing is more upsetting tho bc I depend on that coin collection


What’s a red strike?


the had been 2 epic strikes in the previous weeks. maybe only because of the new pterosaurs. there’s usually one for weekdays and one on the weekends. hopefully one tomorrow.


I swear I recall doing a strike that apeared red on my map…i even distinctly remember telling my kids we were going to do the red strike… i also recall it being a rather difficult strike that we werent able to finish. Considering I cant find any evidence of this… it had to have been a gold strike and i had visual bug of some kind.


Damn do you have idea how many difficult might be an red strike tower? :laughing: by the way it would be great that someday the red towers come to the streets!


If a level 30 IndoRaptor is still a gold tower, does that mean a red tower would have to have at least two level 30 uniques? :rofl:


Well, no epic this week, as I doubt they will do one tomorrow. And the blue tower for today? Except for the coins, all the DNA I got was useless junk.

Ludia has no shame.


i’ll gladly trade 9 attempts at rajasaurus for no epic strike tower every week.


Honestly, I could use another ankylosaurs event… I’m 40 dna away from my diorajasaur!


Is anybody else dreading the day its a level 30 stegodeus??